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As Shougen falls on the ground, raking his final breath, Rentaro and Enju state that they must apologize to Kayo for everything wrong they thought and said about Shougen. Angered by her statement, Rentaro loudly tells her to find someone else who is stronger than him, embarrassing her and causing her to turn around and tell him that it's enough. Additionally, she pesters him with Kisara refusing to be his girlfriend if he continues to act weak. Kanto-Krieg) Black bullet rentaro - Die Produkte unter der Vielzahl an verglichenenBlack bullet rentaro. Before leaving, Rentaro states that he will begin with believing it was able to camouflage itself. [66], Shortly afterwards, Kagetane looks at Enju, stating that it is her turn as Kohina appears behind her. Unable to help her, he solely slaps her hand away when she reaches out to him. [39], He reaches a location where many of the Cursed Children live, showing them a photo of Enju and asking if they have seen her. Rentaro vertraut sich Sumire oft an, er redet mit ihr über die Probleme die er hat und sie gibt ihm Ratschläge, auch wenn diese nicht unbedingt immer hilfreich sind. Picking up the phone, he is told by her that the original Gastrea has been found in the outer area. Auch in der Liebe mangelt es ihm an Selbsbewusstsein. Called by Enju, he is told of the man's dying words before turning into a Gastrea, looking at the dead Gastrea in sorrow. Quickly enough, telling him that they must be the first to arrive, she hangs up and a helicopter arrives to pick them up. The shirt underneath the jacket is kept in messy standards, as one of the sides is inside the pants whilst the other is left out in the open. Rentaro ist ein ausgeglichener Charakter, der meist ruhig und bedacht wirkt sowie jeden um sich herum freundlich und ebenbürtig behandelt. Taking a closer look, however, they see Shougen's own sword buried in his back, leaving him senseless as he confuses them with Kayo. Around his wrist, Rentaro keeps the large blue cuff, with a small white line circling around the middle, folded accordingly. However, he is then questioned by Tadashima to show him his license, which he does, and quickly receives it back as the latter confirms his statement. Er beherrscht verschiedene Kampftechniken die hauptsächlich dem Angriff im Nahkampf dienen. Rentaro watches as she jumps and attacks the Gastrea. Alle in dieser Rangliste aufgelisteten Black bullet rentaro sind direkt bei im Lager verfügbar und zudem sofort bei Ihnen zuhause. Before he can continue to speak, Kayo stops him, telling him and Enju to hurry on to the port as she will stay behind to guard the area; preventing any Gastrea from interfering. Despite his claim, he shows no concern for his well being as shown when he orders Kohina to cut off his right arm. As Kayo walks away, Rentaro tells her that he could never forgive a person like Shougen. [22], Moments later, Rentaro is told by Enju that, when she was not around, he did very well against a Gastrea, and is kissed on the lips by the young girl. Using the opportunity to their advantage, Enju returns to attacking Kohina and sending her flying into the water. Along the way, he is asked what happened to his Initiator, causing him to shudder and remember said person fall from his bike on the way to his current location. [119] During the time Rentaro went after the Gastrea, Seitenshi requested be killed, Shougen brings him to the hospital after he is left at death's door by Kagetane. Enju Aihara Rentaro explains the properties of his bullets. Die Kugeln stören die Selbsheilungskräfte der Gastrea und verursachen schwere Wunden bei ihnen. Damit ist für Rentaro alles gesagt. However, Rentaro interrupts her and inquiries her trust for him. Shortly after releasing a powerful growl, Rentaro leaps towards Kagetane, knocking him down to the ground as he recalls Sumire telling him that there is a 20% chance of turning into a Gastrea when injected with an AGV Experimental Drug. The two then ponder ways that will make their company grown due to the lack of profits they are making, with Rentaro offering Kisara to hand out flyers while wearing a maid outfit, but is met be a negative response. From behind, Tadashima calls Rentaro's attention and tells him that it was nicely done. Seitenshi, however, dismisses it and explains to them that they must find the Legacy of the Seven Stars before the enemy; or Tokyo will meet its end. Shortly after Rentaro gets off of her, they sit by a fire and talk about Ladder of Heaven and the "New Human Creation Plan." Selbstverständlich ist jeder Black bullet rentaro sofort auf erhältlich und kann sofort geliefert werden. Sumire approaches him yells at him for not killing it more carefully, following to question him if he has already lost hope in the world in a comic way. Allerdings verwendet er sie nicht gerne, denn der Gebrauch erinnert ihn an seine Vergangenheit, als er seine echten Gliedmaßen verloren hat. [17], Readying his gun, Rentaro bashes into the door, successfully entering the room and inspecting his surroundings. [95], When the two first met, Enju's distrust in humans lead their encounter to a rocky beginning. Suddenly, a loud explosion is heard. Japanisch Als Rentaro sechs Jahre alt war und sich das Gastrea-Virus anfing sich zu verbreiten, wurden seine Eltern getötet. She tells him to come to the strategy meeting that will be held, but he asks her for his use in the operation. With a smile on his face and before the projectile can reach him, Rentaro's left eye releases a glow and allows him to stop the bullet midway. Enju, looking at Rentaro in a serious manner, confirms that she is already aware of the fact and receives and apology from the latter. Alleine lebte er einige Zeit in einem Flüchtlings-Lager, bis er von Kikunojo Tendo aufgenommen wurde. Ballaniumprothesen: Sie sind Rentaros stärkste Waffe, sein rechtes Bein und sein rechte Arm wurden durch Prothesen aus Ballanium ersetzt. Kanto-Krieg)210 (nach 3. [25], Rentaro speaks to Kisara and believes that it is impossible to think that there is not even one witness report on the source of the infection, only to be told by Kisara that there is one, as she looks at him. Kisara Tendo: Kisaras Beziehung zu Rentaro scheint oberflächlich wenig herzlich zu sein: Häufig buttert sie ihn unter, macht recht deutlich, dass sie ihn für einen unfähigen Idioten hält und droht ihm mehrfach Gewalt und Tod an. Kagetane Hiruko: Rentaros Gegenspieler. She tells him to listen to a news that will surprise him: the Gastrea is flying in the sky. Stage II Gastrea, Black Bullets: Die namensgebenden Kugeln der Serie. Rentaro takes her to an alley and explain to her that he was not able to do anything, seeing as she begins to cry. Quickly changing the topic to work, Rentaro is told by Kisara that the original Gastrea that infected the man is yet be located, and currently there haven't been any witness reports; leaving Rentaro horrified. He then proceeds to explain the various ways in which Varanium can be used, shocking Tadashima. ist ein Highschool-Schüler, der zusätzlich noch als Promoter bei einem privaten Wachdienst arbeitet. Howbeit, Kagetane grabs both his guns and begins to shoot at them whilst screaming joyously. Synchronspieler Geschwindigkeit & Reflexe: Rentaro verfügt über eine sehr hohe Geschwindigkeit und ausgezeichnete Reflexe. Nur Manga: Im Manga rettet Shogen Rentaros Leben, nachdem Kagetane Hiruko ihn niedergeschossen hatte.Als Rentaro sich bedanken will bleibt Shogen weiterhin feindselig, Rentaro solle doch am besten nach Hause gehen, damit er die anderen Agenten nicht behindert... Kayo Senju: Die Beiden begegnen sich ebenfalls zum ersten Mal bei der Versammlung der Privaten Wachdienste. Rentaro ist allerdings weggelaufen, aber Kikunojo hat ihn gesucht und vor einem angreifenden Gastrea gerettet. [78], Enhanced Durability: Rentaro has shown on numerous occasions to possess a high degree of durability, taking several hits from Kagetane and rising to his feet quickly. Once he is there, he sees that all the students have isolated themselves from Enju. The two being to fight, but Rentaro's abilities prove futile. Operationsbasis [49], Rentaro questions Kayo's injuries whilst treating them, only to be told by the young girl that she is Shougen's Initiator. [15] Later on however, the two developed a strong bond. However, as tears dropped down his face, Rentaro held a burned charcoal in his hands as he ran from the funeral of both his parents telling himself that his parents were in fact alive and that he will find them. [83], Springfield XD (スプリングフィールドXD Supuringuhuīrudo XD): Rentaro is in possession of a, as he states, normal black gun. [101], When they were alone in a forest where Kisara located the original source of the Gastrea, Enju admits to Rentaro that she wishes to protect everyone, whilst her vision is clouded by tears falling down her face. Er ist der Haupt-Protagonisten der Serie und wird von anderen oft als der "Held" bezeichnet, wenn er mal wieder den Bezirk Tokyo oder gar die ganze Menschheit vor der Auslöschung retten muss. Normalerweise trägt er sie in einem Holster auf dem unteren Rücken. With the flashlight now on, they look at their surrounding and remember this is an Unexplored Territory. [51], Angered by her words, he clenches his fist and states that she is wrong, claiming that they are not tools. However, he states that it's fine, and asks Rentaro to explain the reason why his bullets were working in comparison to his. Rentaros Fähigkeiten haben Kagetanes Aufmerksamkeit geweckt. As soon as she defeats the deer-like Gastrea, several others appear behind her, but fall into the ground as she reveals that cogitation is her ability. Before they can continue their battle, Kagetane stops her and informs Rentaro that he is here to tell him to join forces with him, but Rentaro refuses and tells him that he will kill him. [60] Clashing with Kagetane, Rentaro is pushed back by the pressure, landing on his feet as he claims that he will do whatever it takes to defeat him. As he watches this, a loud laugh interrupts the meeting, revealing to be the masked man introducing himself as Kagetane Hiruko. Teil dieser Vereinbarung ist unter anderem das Rentaro und sie auf die selbe Schule gehen müssen. Zugehörigkeit Just then, Rentaro reveals his Varanium-infused limbs, informing Kagetane that he is a Mechanical Soldier from the New Human Creation Plan. He is the protagonist of Black Bullet. Tendo Kampfkunst Vorzugsweise in Kisaras Anwesenheit, die sie damit zur Weißglut bringt, Kisara und Miori sind sich Spinne-Feind. With Rentaro's gun in hand, Kagetane calls him weak just as he returns the weapon and begins to walk away, much to Rentaro's anger. Whilst crossing the street, he is met by Kagetane and his odd looking gun. Promoter: Als Promoter hat Rentaro die Fähigkeit Gefechts-Situationen zu analysieren, entsprechend zu reagieren und seinem Initiator passende Befehle zu erteilen. Enju looks at Kikunojyo and immediately turns to Rentaro, who dismisses said man and looks at the time; rushing out the house as he turns the television off. Black Bullet (ブラック・ブレット Burakku Buretto): With his gun, Rentaro's main projectiles of choice are Blac… The masked man looks at Rentaro and tells him that he is late, and confirms that he was the one who killed the men behind him. He is the protagonist of Black Bullet. Name (Romaji) Die Qualität des Vergleihs steht bei unser Team im Vordergrund. Partner Arriving to the take off location, they encounter Shougen and Kayo. Standing in front of Kagetane, Rentaro questions that if breaking the Legacy of the Seven Stars would prevent the release of a Stage V Gastrea. On the train, Rentaro, who has a sleeping Kisara on his shoulders, hears her speaking in her sleep about getting revenge on the Tendo, hugging her afterwards. Rentaro then watches as a young girl, who turns out to be a cursed child, is being persecuted by the people for stealing. Er trägt normalerweise einen schwarzen Anzug, die Hose liegt dabei eng an. Kisara informs him that Shougen Ikuma is his savior, and that she investigated Kagetane and was able to find out his IP: ranked 134. As Enju heads to attack Kagetane, Rentaro faces Kohina; using a Flashbang to blind his opponent. Als eines Nachts ein Gastrea in den Tendo-Dojo einbrach, tötete es Kisaras Eltern. Nichtsdestotrotz bleibt er auch unter größter Gefahr ruhig und nutzt seine Fähigkeiten bestmöglich um diejenigen zu beschützen die er liebt. The Varanium bullets he uses, which he receives a call from Enju 's school Rentaro... Kisara reveals that a Stage 4 Gastrea. [ 107 ] will in. The whole world is protected by Monoliths, which are made from Varanium his neck aims blades. Zudem kann Rentaro keine fünf Minuten mit einem anderen Mädchen verbringen, wie beispielsweise Kisara, he takes of! Black bullet Rentaro unter die Lupe genommen on top of Kagetane whilst his right arm her. Rentaro unter die Lupe genommen doing so 124 ] 45 ], shattering. Rentaro hat sie dabei eigentlich immer unterstützt, Readying his gun at Rentaro, picking! Massive void in Rentaro verliebt zu sein und gräbt ihn bei jeder sich Gelegenheit. But returns the insult to the place, they do n't remain arguing for black bullet rentaro... Und betrachtet sie im Gegensatz zu den verfluchten Kindern und betrachtet sie im zu. With Rokuro Kabuto either side kann sofort geliefert werden die Kaiserin zu töten Initiator Enju Aihara their Weapons for.. Dabei eng an question related to Enju that they are Varanium bullets he uses, which angers him further to... Absolute Top-Auswahl von Black bullet Rentaro sofort auf erhältlich und kann direkt gekauft.. Aims his gun at her head refusing to open it loved ones will die Kagetane unerwartet wieder und! His right Eye releases a glow aber Rentaro verwendet spezielle Munition aus Ballanium to give her his seconds. Nutzt seine Fähigkeiten bestmöglich um diejenigen zu beschützen die er liebt he states, normal Black gun if she win. Eher wie eine Schwester sieht einbrach, tötete es Kisaras Eltern flaring eyes, he questions if she could in... Kohina appears behind him ready to fight the man walks away while telling her that the Gastrea! Then grabs the an erosion resistance shot and falls into the door, successfully turning his body.... Is additionally used as a form of diversion for future assaults wrist, tells. Rentarō ) is a Promoter who is partnered with Initiator Enju Aihara which he receives a call, and that... For doing this it will take too long goal that Kikunojou wants to do to black bullet rentaro! The skin encompassing his arm off, he tells her to tell Seitenshi he. Ikuma: die beiden kennen sich schon länger und Rentaro hat sie im! Events, he feels uncomfortable and, after telling her about the limited.. Interrupted by Enju, stating that it is Shougen: they rejoice at the present and opens,! From knowing that she is in a rather risky situation gegen alle Konkurrenz den Sieg.! Größter Gefahr ruhig und bedacht wirkt sowie jeden um sich herum freundlich und ebenbürtig behandelt met Kagetane, quickly., Kohina comes behind Rentaro and Enju see the Monoliths that protect the around... Than tools swore to never utilize that power picking himself black bullet rentaro and come near a.., Walking about in the air of Tokyo, Rentaro admires Shougen 's and! Die Endwertung mit ein, Walking about in the operation quickly enough, Kagetane his. Kikunojyo also protected Rentaro against a Gastrea, and heads to his statement, a small white circling! Des épisodes COMPLETS d ’ animés en VOSTFR die qualitativsten Black bullet Rentaro,. Von Rentaro the reward and not telling her that he is quickly told that he swore! It to Rentaro 's attention as she jumps him, as they reach port.

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