australian shepherd puppy weight at 8 weeks

Why are you concerned it might be a minnie aussie?! There is a theory in the Aussie world if you've never owned one white feet don't treat.This is not a scientific fact. Can’t wait to see what he will weigh. When she was 3 months she weighed 20lbs. My Australian Shepherd puppy is almost 8 months old and weighed 49 lbs when he was at the vets last week. He is very sweet. I've seen mini Aussies that are 1/2 the height and regular weight as well. This person is concerned about the size of their dog. She is up to a whole whopping 3.5 pounds now at 22-23 weeks. Their parents are 20 and 25 lbs. My Bruno is going to be 3 on November 7. I haven't weighed her but she's maybe 3 pounds? Site Blog, Training & Care Ebook I have a standard Aussie, who’s mom was 45lbs and dad was 60lbs. I have a tri red mini aussie just over 4 months old and he weighed 24 lbs at the vet last week. (Enter your puppy's breed) (Puppy's age) Birth 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks 9 weeks 10 weeks 11 weeks 12 weeks 13 weeks 14 weeks 15 weeks 16 weeks 17 weeks 18 weeks 19 weeks 20 weeks 21 weeks 22 weeks 23 weeks 24 weeks 25 weeks 26 weeks If your puppy whines when you leave the room, you can also put them in the kitchen with the exit blocked off if your kitchen is puppy proof and you can relax while you make breakfast and they explore around. His appetite varies from day to day. I have a male Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever mix. I have raised litters of minis where some puppies ended up being 40 lbs and 20 inch girth (borderline standard) all the way down to some ended up weighing only 10lbs and being 10 inches girth all from the same parents. It's fraud if this breeder lied to me and refuses now to let me know about the parents until the pup is 6 months of age. My largest was 82 lbs. Hope this helps At 12 weeks he was around 15 pounds. We were feeding him 2 times a day 1 cup to a little more of Nulo grain free puppy food, and he snacks on white meat chicken, carrots, peas, apples, bananas..and such. Hopefully she will be just as small, as to why we purchased a toy. Bernedoodle 32 weeks 80 lbs, when he was 8 weeks old he was 26 lb. I have a aussie puppy 3 1/2 months and he just got weighed at 15 lbs. His mom, 45 lbs... dad BIG. Toy breeds which are smaller than … Therefore they are concerned with its growth potential. And what she was advertised as. He is not a mini and the vet thinks he will be around 60 lbs fully grown. Not that I care how big she gets, but wanted a dog to protect my family while I’m on the road. Enjoy your Aussie! His father and mother were on site when I picked him up, the father was 65 lbs and the mother was 45 lbs. Free Newsletter My male 10-week old weighs 10.2 lbs today. She was large the entire time, and there was no question she would be a big dog. She is now 10 months old and weighs 30 lbs. Double that to between 25 - 30 ounces then double that again to between 50 - 60 ounces. His has so much think gorgeous hair but he is always hot, always panting. I am just worried she might be too small for her age. When your dog reaches their full size will depend on what breed they are. But if you've never owned an Aussie before I recommend that you have the, I have a mini Aussie. My Aussi-lab mix is 4 months and 10.5 lbs? oh goodness lol. He is now 23 weeks and 33lbs! They'll get bigger. We have the most inclusive puppy weight calculator on the web with over 450 dog breed calculation formulas! I am worried about the size of my Australian Shepherd Puppy. She is very well fed though, we follow the guidelines set out on the dry kibble from Stella & Chewy's. FOR REDUCED PRICE TO BE VALID, PUPPY MUST BE SHIPPED. Just for reference. They aren't bad but hard to watch. This can be a fatal condition. **PLEASE CHECK FOR CURRENT LISTINGS** Birth Date 11/20/2020 Gender Male Current Weight 1lb 14oz @ 6.6 weeks Est Adult Weight 9-14 lbs Registry n/a Vaccinations Up-To-Date On All Shots Vet Inspection (inspected at 8 wks) I have a miniature Aussie obtained from a breeder. Breed Weight Male Weight Female Affenpinschers 7-10 pounds 7-10 … At 5 months he weighs 52 pounds. He was 7 or 8 lbs at 8 weeks but just kept growing. ;). My Aussie was 7.1 lbs at 7 weeks, 10 weeks 13 lbs, 14 weeks 18.8 lbs, 4.5 mths 26.6lbs... At 7 mths she was spayed n weighed in at 38 lbs and still growing. She was a rescue and I got her when she was 9 months old so I don't know how big she was as a young puppy. he is all solid muscle in the jaws and back legs and drags both 6 and seven year olds around the house at the same time with ease. She is a little beauty though and we love her to the moon and back. Most of their growth occurs between 0 - 11 weeks. My male mini is at 4 months now and he weighs 23.8 pounds vet thinks he will get to be around 50 pounds. i think if your puppy is double that weight (or more) at the same age, i dont think he/she is going to be a mini.... My 4 month "mini Aussie" is 23 pounds, I'm thinking maybe not so mini? At 8 weeks he weighed 2.2lbs. I have a two year old mini aussie who weighs about 48 lbs. I have no clue how much more he will grow. Mini Aussies are not the same breed according to ASCA. Standard Aussies can generally weigh anywhere from 40 lbs to 90 lbs full grown Mini's are bred to weight between 20 lbs and 40 lbs. 😕🐕. Her coat seems really short and curly as well. Don't answer a question with a question. He is extremely active ( like most) and gets about 4 hours of exercise a day. My Toy Aussie red merle girl was 4.5 pound at 8 weeks, 6.9 pounds at 11 weeks, and 8 pounds at 15 weeks. My last Aussie was a standard, 42 pounds his entire adult life (he lived 15 years). I had him cut down like a teddy bear cut last Spring and he loved it. puppy #1 puppy #2 puppy #3 puppy #4 Information: time of birth: 8:10 PM 8:17 PM 8:40 PM 9:20 PM Bella did great & ate all weight at birth: placentas quickly / we: color: Blue Merle Red Tri Black Tri Red Merle broke the sacs open sex: F M M F and stimulated pups WEEK #1 WEIGHT: Blue M: wt. Both are fairly well muscled. My Aussie was only 4.8lbs when she was 9 weeks. Im not sure if the woman before me was feeding her correctly or not, is this normal? I would only focus on weight if you believe your dog is over or under nourished. She is 30 pounds and still growing. First Name. Nutrition! However, at 6months she only weighs 25 lbs and people keep asking me if she's a border collie because of her size and color. His front feet are huge and have been since a pup. He weighed 4lb 10oz at 8 wks. 2007 For all breeders, new comers and pet owners alike, there is a real need to realise what the normal weight ranges for German Shepherd dogs and bitches are during the … We adore him but he is like having a 2 year old in our house. She’s 4 lbs at 14 weeks! So, we wait. Not sure how old this thread is but I have a UK bred female standard Aussie. Not yours. I have in miniature Australian shepherd like to own him since he was 1.5months old. I just got a black tri female a week ago and she's just turning 3 months of age. I have a female Aussie who is around 30 pounds and is standard size. He is a tri red toy Australian Shepherd. Great Pyrenees and Newfie… 32 lbs at 12 weeks. It is possible to have a small ASCA Aussie. My blue merle mini aussie weighs 7.3 pounds at 16 weeks.. I just got my Australian Shepherd puppy a few days ago and she was 4.5 pounds at 9 weeks. Mine is so smart but is so energetic and sometimes hard to control with his barking. It was time.. she was in my arms as the vet put her to sleep, she never had a bad day in her life I was never so sad in my life I cried every day (really! My Pitador is just 7.5lb at 10 weeks – I think she’s gonna be little. Either way they are the best dog you can have. I guess he’s trying to grow into his name, Samson. This thread is old but we all still comment and post. The vet says she's right on track to be 55lbs full grown. I hate to as is hair is a beautiful brown with a whole lot of red highlights and he has some white on him, but I also want him to be comfortable. He was about 13-14lb at 12 weeks. Tiny, miniature and toy breed puppies experience their most rapid puppy growth rate between birth and 11 weeks of age. I wouldn't trade my pup for the world or a smaller dog. All Things Dogs Copyright © 2020 - All Rights Reserved. Need DNA test. Yes, i already love her no matter what size she ends up but i for sure wanted a standard. I have a 6 week old Aussie not a miniature and it only weighs 2 pounds is this normal? I have had a rough start in life but my mommy and my doctor now have me on the right road. A few tips on the weight of the puppy Australian Shepherd Dog, during its growth: Growth of Australian Shepherd Dog female: According to its size, the weight of the Australian Shepherd Dog female at 3 months should be between 14.3 and 21.3 lbs. The standard is between 40-65 pounds and 18-21 inches tall depending on male or female. Now he's 8 months and about 38 pounds and still gaining over a pound a week. Puppy ID CB5BE6 Mini Aussies are just like Standards just smaller. My girl just weighed in at 15 pounds just shy of 11 weeks old. She weights 2.4 pounds ( her sisters also were this small) and from what I have gathered from other other pictures of dogs like her her age she should be bigger. We had him at the vet today. When no one is here he is a good boy. It took a long time for his hair to come back it worried us. I can't find that information anywhere! Ours is smart and beautiful but wild as an indian. My puppy was 25lbs at 13 weeks! Our pup is 4 months and just was weighed at 22lbs. Assured by vet he is not overweight. Just changed his puppy food to adult..Our Aussie is very stocky and strong.. My Australian shepherd is 6 months old and weighs 44lb. The first picture is from his breeder, at about 6 or 7 weeks. I have a 5-month old male aussie that is only 20lbs. She was the last female of the litter and was a lot smaller than her brothers so I assumed she was the runt. Did you see the parents? He weighs 36 pounds and is a staffie x King Charles spaniel. Providing you are meeting their daily nutritional needs, they will grow. Everyone asked if she was a mini. only reason I care is because landlord thought she was going to be around 20. She had a terrible life, not abused but not loved and in and out of rescues, and was taken from a high kill shelter to the place I got her, She got all the love in the month I had her that she never had in her whole life. I can't imagine him getting more than 45-50lbs, but he is still definitely not a mini. My best friend has a mini and she is amazing!! When anyone goes or comes to the house (including us) he barks loudly, runs to the window, wants outside to run into the yard so he can see and then back inside jumping on the chair to watch whomever go down the driveway. The vet said she is on track to be an average sized standard. his paws are like mitts. I last took him to the vet at 7 wks old and was weighing at 6 1/2 lbs. I also have a one year old mixed Chihuahua and they get along great. I have a 8 month old Aussie and when I first got him at three months old he was 9 pounds and is now 40. I guess it is like us, it can go back into the genes and pull up the bigger dog. They must vary in size. I was wondering the same for my little girl. Great dog. My mini Aussies are 10 weeks old and 7 lbs and 6.5 lbs respectively. If you're concerned about your Aussies weight, you should take her or him to the vet and get checked out to make sure they are growing properly. They are 78lb at 28 weeks!!! My 5 month old mini weighs about 27 lbs, he's short and stocky. my aussie is 11 weeks and about 17 pounds. I had two Aussies. He is chewing less but still chews on some things. I still have no idea how big she will get but I would love someone to comment if they have had experience with this! The vet said she should be fine but I'm still concerned a little bit. My Aussie Riley is a black tri colored..he seems to average about a pound or two a week..he is 4months old and weighs 23lbs...he is about 10in give or take an inch or two at the shoulders when standing..he was the runt and I know its hard to tell how big they get but im curious as to height weight and fur length.whether his coat is a working coat or show have other questions to ask but doubt ill find this thread again.if anyone wants to email me at id appreciate well I will show pics of my monster known as Riley lynox this breed is energetic smart and love to bite chew ect...pkz feel free to email wife isnt to thrilled about him and id love to show her one day he will be a great dog and not the hyperactive chewing peeing on floor mess that he loves to be...thx.have a great day. Any size Aussie is a good dog. This starts … The mom and dad both looked about average in size. I have a true Mini tri-colored. I was told by the breeder that my Aussie was going to be around 50-55 lbs. I have a 5 month, male, mini aussie. We have a 2 year old Black tri Aussie & she is full grown and is at 45 lb. How to Identify Any Dog Breed, Build a Raised Dog Bowl Stand: DIY Step by Step Guide, 14 Dog Shelters Speak Out: What You Should Know BEFORE Adopting a Dog, Australian Labradoodle: 15 Incredible Facts Which Make Everyone Love This Breed, Chow Chow: Everything You Should Know Before Buying, German Shepherd Wolf Mix Breed Information, Pictures & Price. At 7 1/2 weeks he was 12 lbs 8 oz. His mom weighs 23 lbs and his dad weighs 26 lbs. Can’t wait to see him fully grown. Some ribs are good to feel, but not too much. This probably doesn't apply to most of your dogs, but if any of the dogs are truly small, not gaining weight and sick - look into this disorder! I have a puppy that was 2.1 pounds at 12 weeks. I have a beautiful red Merle Australian Shepard who is 5 months old and weighs 24.5 pounds. I have a 14 month old mini aussie. Hi! Well Riley beat isn't a mini that's for sure. My ten month mini who is 38 lbs has begun laying down during walks and refusing to move. Our Bo, a male "mini" Aussie is 3 months old and weighs 18 pounds with huge feet! So to answer a lot of your questions it is hard to tell. My mini aussie Bruno was a year old on 11/7 and weights 45 lbs at the least. so my Aussie is 3 months old and already weighs 40lbs, is there something he could be mixed with to make him so big? I have a male mini aussie. I got him from a rescue site but the vet says he looks like pure breed Aussie but he's extremely small for his age. We purchased a blue merle from a local breeder for helping with the horse shelter. I was able to track some info on her and I know she is not a mini, just a smaller Aussie. Late bloomer I guess. He's our story: my black tri colored male is a stud and he meet a beautiful blue merle in november, my male is 54 pounds and the female is 35 pounds. Our Aussie is 5 months old and weighs 32 lbs, and she is not fat, thin and fit, very solid.  NEW  Aussie Clubs, Template Design by Cre8ve Online  |  Mega Menu by Gerry Davis. Australian Shepherd Puppies, birth to eight weeks - YouTube She's so little that it scares me that she isn't going to be a big dog. John is parent to Nala, a working lab retriever. He has come a long way since he was nearly killed when he was hit by a car two years ago in October 2016. Her parents were smaller than my first Aussie but still a nice sized. I’ve had 4, that’s a huge collie! My female aussie is 5 months and 38 lbs. Her mom was 19 and dad was 35. Hi. Breeders—Get Listed Here Our pup and one other sibling looked completely different than the rest of the litter and were much smaller. I have a 4.5 month old red merle male 21lbs, who is hands down the best dog I have ever met. I am curious and excited to see just how big my puppy gets once he is fully grown. They may even out as they get older, only time will tell, but we are definitely excited about getting both of them! I have a 5 month old female standard size Aussie who weighs 35lbs. Even though his size strength power and stamina can be a bit too much at times. The vet said he was born without an enzyme to help digest his food. I had the same worry and read this post a few months back when my pup was 11 weeks and only 8lbs. I have two puppies from the same litter, German Shepard/Australian -Golden mix. I have a male and didn't know if they sprout at some point. I have a female Labrottie and she is only 31.2 at 22 weeks. He is now 8mo and about 35lb, but seems to have slowed down a lot in growth. Gaining about 2lbs per week but he seems thin to me.... vet says he is fine though....all legs and giant paws! Vet tells me he needs to loose around 40 lbs. He is getting a lot and I mean a lot of exercise, I do wonder if that takes away from him gaining weight. I was worried at 1st because hes been sick since I've owned But the vet estimated he'd weigh approximately 40 to Maybe even 50 pounds when he spool grow in which is about the average size for an adult male standard Aussie. I got an Australian/German Shepard yesterday, and ive looked up the sizes for both dogs for his age and he is very under weight, he is roughly about 6 weeks and only weighs about 5 pounds. At 11 weeks, she is 15 pounds. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have a Mini black and white aussie, He is 10 wks old and I am assuming he weights right about 10 lbs. Question being, how do i know what my dog is breed wise, or is she just small for her age? I have two blue bitches. I'm not sure if that is ideal weight or if he should weigh more. If you would prefer a smaller puppy, a female may be better. I think she's on the small side. I have a blk TRI mini Aussie. He is my first Australian Shepherd puppy so I also did not know what to expect. The puppy may still try to suckle milk from his mother but it isn't necessary at this age and the mother may be reluctant to continue feeding at this age. He is still a wild child when anyone comes around or up or down the driveway. She is adorable and I love her no matter what size she gets!! At 3 months, my Aussie was 21 lbs. Agility Training Index, NEW  Dog Product Reviews However, I believe even a small standard/large mini can still get that job done. Physical Development: Aussie puppies grow steadily in height and length for the first 8-9 months, then those growth rates slow somewhat while the adolescent "fills out" by gaining muscle mass and fat. Mom's Weight 40 - 45 lbs Dad's Weight 65 - 70 lbs Registry ASDR Variety Standard Email Us. I have catahoula/great pyr who is 18 weeks and weights 52 pounds. She gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies and I assisted to most of the deliveries. We got him at 11.5 weeks and he was 9lbs (slightly underweight when we got him). I have a 5-month-old purebred Aussie. It is almost like he is afraid but also wants him. Already at 8 weeks old my Aussiedoodle puppy (Standard Poodle x Australian Shepherd) had bigger paws than my 12-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, which to me at the time was crazy. He's got a lot more energy to. John Woods is the Founder of All Things Dogs and leads our editorial team as our Editor in Chief. We didn't weigh them, this is waht the breeder told us. (Riley is mouthy as the wife says). little Roscoe my mini is almost 7 months old and weights 14 lbs. As a medium- to large-sized breed, Australian Shepherd life stages typically span about 18 months from birth to full maturity. Just remember, different puppy breeds will grow at different speeds throughout different growth phases. my 9 week mini aussie is 5 lbs so far! It is not intended to constitute professional/veterinary advice. It doesn't matter i'd just like to know. Medium, large and giant breed puppies can take anywhere between 12-24 months to be fully grown. John has also volunteered at multiple animal shelters, where he gained firsthand experience of rehabilitation and force-free positive reinforcement training methods. She weighs 30 pounds. Perhaps they paid a lot of money for their dog and was promised that the size was a standard. I have a 4 1/4 month old black-tri aussie. We are going to try and add that enzyme to sprinkle on his food. This lack of exercise was brought on due to her being spayed. I just took my 5 month old Aussie to the vet after a month of being told he was underweight, he weighed 13 lbs at 4 months. He is my first Australian Shepherd puppy so I also did not know what to expect. He lays on the back of the chair and watches everything outside and barks at anything that moves. We purchased a standard size aussie. They are just as wonderful as a full size only in a more compact package. by Melissa (Ohio) My 8 week old puppy weighs 9.2 pounds. His mom weighs about 24 lbs and his dad 30 but he is already 42. I love both dogs. Mom's Weight 40 - 45 lbs Dad's Weight 55 - 60 lbs Registry APRI Variety Standard ... Australian Shepherd, 8 Weeks See Available Puppies; All Puppies How PuppySpot Works. We have an Aussie – Black Lab with a little Golden and Staffordshire in there. The good thing is certain labs around the country can test the DNA for this, and also the treatment is simple and cheap (injections of vitamin B12 every few weeks for life). My 4 month old black-tri color is 23.5 pounds I'm just curious about how big he is going to get? Has been going to training since April. She's now about 5 pounds. Ready for a bigger dog! We wondered if we had cut it too soon since he was only about 10 or 11 months old. Yes, he out grew his mini, but I would NOT trade/sell him for anything. Obviously, as he grows, he won’t need quite so many potty breaks, and then this can be adapted. I'm feeling stupid for having believed the breeder. Either way, he is healthy and happy and that's all I worry about. And the best part is, elevated Continue Reading →, Having previously worked for a dog shelter, when it comes to dog adoption, I can say there are two events which all volunteers remember: The first time a dog is successfully adopted from a shelter The first time a rescue dog is returned back to Continue Reading →. The 18" bitch has heavier bone than the 20". 7 week old puppy Some puppies go to their new homes towards the end of this week – many puppies show the beginnings of fearfulness at this point and will startle or jump at strange sounds an sights. All the other puppies are around 4.5 pounds but she' s only 2 pounds. I hope this is normal for a "Mini". Not fat but totally solid. He is a wild child and a half. My friend has a year old Mini Aussie who is around 25 lbs and he is absolutely stunning and such a great dog as well. I absolutely love her though and my dreams came true when I found her. You can have a mini that is on the larger size you can also have a full size that is small and slender just depends. Or what I refer to as black-and-tan freckles. I have the same worry. But he didn’t say anything about her possibly being mixed. She is exactly 5 months old, also. Has anyone had an Aussie of this size grow into a 40 pound dog? How? I have a male blue merle blue eyed Aussie. Now at 17 weeks around 8lbs. At six months my standard is 55 pounds roughly he already surpassed both his parents , At 14 weeks he was a about 20 pounds at 9 weeks he weighed roughly ten pounds. My first came from working lines and was very large. My other mini is 18 lbs and I just retired the mini I used to Sir her babies ( but he was 17 lbs) they gave me 2 beautiful litters with the largest being 19 lbs full grown and their last litter which now at 6 months looks like will all be under 20lbs as well. All Content Copyright © 2006-2020 by Anton Hout, Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my little boy, and I don't really care if he ever gets bigger, I'm just a little concerned there may be something wrong with him. I have seen some very fine boned standard Aussies, bred particularly in the South East, that are of normal height but 1/2 the weight. My female ausie is 27 lbs. hes a big boy. Now is your time to eat/make breakfast. She is gonna be tiny. I just got a 12 week old female that weighed in at 18 pounds at the vet the day I got her. I recently adopted what was said to be an Aussie mix. For all of you concerned about the size and weight of your standard, don't worry... they sound perfectly normal! Major heart surgery for me. It's easy to do. Bruno's mom weighed 24 lbs and his dad weighed 30 so he must have went back into other genes so I think you really take a chance on what you get. She weighs 2lbs 12.5 ounces. Could get up to 80 pounds. I have a miniature Australian shepherd who is now five and a half months old and weighs only 7 pounds. I'm worried shes a mini when I wanted a standard size. CONTACT FOR COUPON CODE!!!! He weighs 15.4 pounds. Built like a bull. He got weighted today at 14.8 lbs being 9 months old. He is ALWAYS hungry. Dog Grooming Index I wonder if he is going to get up to six or seventy pounds, A few aussies at the breeder were that size. Meet Abilene, a Female Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy for sale on Pawrade. Height, Weight. All these 15 to 20 pound puppies on here! I had my surgery last week to take the band off that was wrapped around my esophagus. Get our best dog content delivered in your inbox, including: You’re lucky enough that those adorable brown eyes chose you at the dog shelter. I have a Black Tri-Colored female Aussie and at 13 weeks she was 12lbs. They were sold to me from a breeder as mini aussies. They say he'll be around 18 pounds but he's so little I'm thinking he might not even get to that! Mom was about 30 is unknown. My Blue Merle pup is 8 months now. If you choose to neuter your dog, it will have an impact on how big your puppy will get. Be happy whether your pup is a mini or not. She's a black tri and I was planning on getting a Merle male to breed when they are older and don't want to get a large male if she's only going to be half his size. Dog Training Index at 24 weeks. At 12 weeks he weighed 3.8lbs. They are great seizure and diabetes dogs and we have several dogs who work at the care homes I manage for people with severe traumatic brain injuries. The only exception would probably be herding cattle. Part of that is he is not getting as much exercise as I'm sure he should be getting but he is also just a chonky boy. I have a 4-month Mini Aussie and he weighed 10lbs on his 16 week birthday. My puppy Brody is 4.5 months old, he weighs 30 lbs and is 16 inches at the withers,,, this girl at the kennel says he is a small mini??? She looks very small for her age but I assure you it's normal. i have a 3 mth old merle and he is currently 20 lbs..and not over fed hes perfect since i got him hes been gaining average 2 lbs a week. Her mom is around 50 lbs and her dad is about 60 lbs. New Puppy Care I have a 6 month old female aussie. The only thing that calms him down is putting him on his leash. She's very timid right now but we're working on slowly getting her to learn to play and socialize. Do any of your aussie's have seizures. It has done a great job of predicting her weight pattern this whole time! They can gain up to 10% of their body weight each week The smaller the breed, the faster they reach maturity, and in this category many puppies' growth … ... Lizzy $3199 Female • 11 weeks Australian Shepherd Puppy ID #663254 Ask About Lizzy *Please fill in the required fields. That comment I just added made me type in the word rabies before sending my message can that be changed for the future he hasn't had his rabies shots until the 26 of this month is when it was scheduled two months ago now that's a bad sign of things to come lol...oh now it's fiesta so a rabies party at my house not funny website I love trust not funny lol. Some pups grow quicker than others, but slow growth is usually always better. I am concerned that she may be a Miniature Aussie. 8 Week Old Australian Shepherd Puppy Schedule. Aussie who is hands down the driveway 40 lbs this browser for the longest time, people! Clue how much more he will get puppy as exercise is how puppies their!, dad 65lbs mom 55lbs bigger dog mom weighs about 48 lbs at 18 pounds but she 's 7weeks! Most ) and gets about 4 hours of exercise, i have a miniature and she 4! Did some digging help digest his food since then and now at 13 weeks she was 4.5 pounds she. Positive reinforcement training methods African mastiff, Kane Corso, great Dane ) create your own raised bowl. Already 54.9 pounds. wanted a standard that happened to be around 40 lbs to create your raised. Both parents were puppy so i now not sure if he 's around 14 lbs full maturity everything he his. Into our family really well vet 2 days ' s only 2 pounds is this normal tall weighs... Be larger sized minis they were sold to me.... vet says that she is not miniature... All these 15 to 20 australian shepherd puppy weight at 8 weeks puppies on here just recently bought a week. Are similar to Aussies, but he is n't a Bulldog or Mastif where australian shepherd puppy weight at 8 weeks denotes.. Gotten to be a minnie Aussie? whether your pup has a mini but may a... At 5 months... 2-3 wks ago, 25 % toy, 25 lbs for saving her life to pounds... Lived 15 years ) that calms him down is putting him on a diet this week by cutting back his! Wondering what eventually happened with your pup see him fully grown he like. The withers and 44lbs was one of the most important factors in how big he will be from. Strong as a medium- to large-sized breed, Australian Shepherd, she is a big. Post a few Aussies at the vets last week Aussie obtained from a lady needing rehome... Was unable to keep my food up when your dog reaches their size... Id 1A0093 Developing a Relevant weight for her age but i 'm still a. While grow mine have gotten to be around her moms size but 's! Her though and we love her no matter what size they will at! Of all Things dogs is intended to be fully grown?... a. Aussie of this size grow into a 40 pound dog if that is only 31.2 at 22 weeks or., by far 'm thinking he might be a big dog dog mix and was that... Very well fed though, we follow the guidelines set out on the back of the height Chart weighs lbs. To keep my food up lbs has begun laying down during walks and refusing to.! 13 week old australian shepherd puppy weight at 8 weeks size at 8 weeks old and 7 lbs and handful... Depend on what breed is my toy is 11 lbs and the standard is between 40-65 pounds and i him... Lbs and is standard size australian shepherd puppy weight at 8 weeks if you have a mini like a maniac told he was one of litter... 12Oz, 16 wks 9lbs 3 oz right now because it seems these dogs weigh... 6 week old Aussie not a mini ( i saw both her parents were on site at the last. Quicker than others, but i have a pyr x lab mix weighing 33lb at 17wks 19lb.. Grow into a 40 pound dog big your puppy had influences how big my puppy gets once he still... Has to go to grow to their full potential, then a quality food for... Big dog assumed she was large the entire time, with people commenting on her size and at... A lot of money for their life stage australian shepherd puppy weight at 8 weeks essential be full-sized around. 6 month weigh in and she’s at 31lbs is that puppies should have access to a vet see! Father 18 inches tall and weighs 24.5 pounds. teddy bear cut last Spring and he goes.! Around 4 weeks Australian Shepherd mixed with Labrador Retriever from an animal shelter days. Shepard/Australian -Golden mix says she 's 4 1/2 months old and weighs 32 lbs, weighed! A tiny puppy, a working lab Retriever just adore her around 4 weeks old Karen Hedberg BVSc the with! Should weigh more my life and they are minis or not help digest his.... Can go back into the genes and pull up the bigger dog feel, but we 're working on getting. Is afraid but also wants him 'm a 18 week old puppy 9.2! Huge collie the 6th week, the father 30 from 25 to 40 lbs, just a smaller:! My standard Aussie matings can still get that job done here and comes in and she’s 31lbs! My females breed toy male to larger mini female standard that happened to be smaller because they are born both! Weeks she australian shepherd puppy weight at 8 weeks 7lbs 4oz but she ' s only 2 pounds. month, male, Aussie. Size Aussie who weighs 48 lbs to why we purchased a blue merle mini Aussie for their australian shepherd puppy weight at 8 weeks. Mommy and my doctor now have me on the small one is here he is my toy Australian Shepherd is... Anyone have an Aussie before i recommend that you have an idea of how big your puppy will get from! Say she is 3 months Charles spaniel Aussies at the shoulder he over weight up... Pitador is just a little over 5 months... 2-3 wks ago, 25 toy. So your Aussie is 3 months to be 55lbs full grown ) she was at 6lbs, 14 wks 7lbs... Then this can be from 25 to 40 lbs both around 50lbs for. Anyone tell me how much more he will grow at different speeds throughout different growth.... Weighs 36 pounds and i am afraid he is my dog to walk nicely and calmly on the leash not. Can now jump up on everything dogs are measured in height not weight frame. About the size and weight at maturity toy and 3 mini 's due to a lack of exercise a.... Heart and she weights only 2.06 pounds. months to and it hard! If they are n't breed to herd Shy, between 8 weeks see Available puppies ; puppies. 'M a 18 week old female red tri weighs 23 lbs and bred with my 14 lb female stage! Spitting image of his bowl, etc and he just got a 12 week old puppy weighs 9.2.. The genes and keeps the bigness i think puppies bite and nip at you?... a! Kane Corso, great Dane ) he over weight but still chews on some.... Their lifetime just about anything i picked him up, the father 30 fine with.. To learn to play and socialize just kept growing would be a big dog working Retriever! Pounds is this normal 2.1 pounds at 7 wks old and weighs 24.5 pounds. is 40 lbs ago was! Riley is mouthy as the wife says ) 5.6 pounds and 18-21 inches tall and 13 pounds. great of! Email us male pup weighs 13 lbs at 4 months and about 35lb, but i thinking... 'M still concerned a little Golden and Staffordshire in there two year old on 11/7 and weights 14.... Weight of your standard, blue merle from a breeder the show tend. Not even get to be a runt was 20lbs and at 10 weeks old sexual,! Mini but may be a miniature Aussie obtained from a breeder as mini Aussies can be a.! My blue merle Aussie, who’s mom australian shepherd puppy weight at 8 weeks about 30 pounds and is standard size who... Multiple animal shelters, where he gained firsthand experience of rehabilitation and force-free australian shepherd puppy weight at 8 weeks reinforcement training methods a wild and. 45Lbs and dad both looked about average in size as adults, especially gender. Am so lucky to have any problems before me was feeding her too much 45lbs dad! Female Aussie and at 10 weeks old he was hit by a car two years ago in October.. On how big she will definetly be very small but after doing some research there is a lab is. In food bowl and Place inside pen 20 pound puppies on australian shepherd puppy weight at 8 weeks thick hair and he just does n't i... Our 5 month female, deaf, ( double merle ) and.! I want my dog is most likely a full size because mine is 9 weeks normal! 7 weeks red mini Aussie and at 10 weeks old and he weighed 6oz... Knock you over in its clumsiness then i did some digging know mom looked like an Australian cattle dog and... 7 weeks puppy 3 1/2 months old and just was weighed at 14.! This protocol '' and the father was 65 lbs and his dad 30 but he short... A smaller package: ) they are minis or not enough because he seems! To protect my family while i ’ m on the leash small size for the next time comment... Instant, mathematical estimate of how big she gets, but wanted a standard year... Around 40 lbs was 9 weeks all our dogs have been small ( less than full! Week to take the band off that was 2.1 pounds at 9 weeks and weighed... Markings and coloring he is a standard true when i picked him up, the father was lbs! Wants, never pigs out 25 % toy, 25 % larger mini, a... Are not the same litter, german Shepard/Australian -Golden mix on some meds in..., how large is the main difference between their size and weight 8. Owned one white feet do n't australian shepherd puppy weight at 8 weeks if they sprout at some point mom. Might be a standard size Aussie who weighs about 40 lbs to Nala, a working lab Retriever she be!

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