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With that said, be sure to devote a lot of time and attention to the Belusky’s exercise! Your German Shepherd mix Akita will inevitably have intense focus, a strong work ethic, and versatility. Animal Watch 6,366,433 views. Alaskan Malamute/American Akita mix vs Mittelspitz. They’re often fairly intelligent, with the Belgian Malinois parentage making them good at listening and following through with commands. I am delighted to announce I have 8 beautiful American Akita puppies looking for loving homes. An Akita/Pit Mix bullied a Vizsla, & a Welsh Corgi & everyone else around him. The result is often a dog that is medium to large in size, with the smarts and responsibility that make the Belgian Malinois so great. Alaskan Malamute is originated from United States but Akita is originated from Japan. Your German Shepherd mix Akita will inevitably have intense focus, a strong work ethic, and versatility. Manuel O. found a litter of Alaskan Malamute AKC x Akita AKC pups, so we grabbed up two of them. These dogs are high maintenance in that they have high energy needs. Akailua is a very large girl weighing around 120lbs. If you socialize them from puppyhood, they will take easily to children and friends of your family. Akita Labrador Mix (Labrakita) The Labrakita is a mix between Labrador Retriever and Akita. They shed 2-3 times per year, so it is not very bad. I was given the dog under the impression that he was an Alaskan Malamute. Akita puppy should have more meals per day plus additional calcium and vitamins. They are lovely family pets, and if train properly they will be adorable part of any family. Since this mix is bound to be smart, you should train it early to encourage the Malinois’ obedience versus the Greyhound’s stubbornness. Because of this, they will be more content leading fast-paced lives, and would require a family that can keep up with their needs. While they can look a little scary, they are affectionate, playful dogs who have nothing but boundless love for their trusted family and friends. It is very cute and smiley, but the look is a little bit lying as the dog originates as a helper for fox hunting. They should still get regular exercise; daily walks are ideal, but they do not need to be at too brisk a pace. Their protective nature makes them perfect guard dogs, as they want nothing more than their family’s wellness and safety. This great pup is vet checked and up to date on shots and wormer. Saved by Illy. This means that they themselves will be bigger than most dogs, with an aptitude for taking on jobs with excellence. Male. Discover (and save!) Alaskan malamute cross husky 1 girl left she absolutely loves to snuggle in your dressing gown at night she will make u laught all day long puppy will come wormed , flead , microchip , puppy pack some food , toy , blanket and health check by Vet with health certificate ready to leave no Both parent breeds are excellent protectors of their family; your German Malinois will no doubt be the same. 1. They are quite large animals, as you can imagine. for sale, I have five beautiful Akita/Alaskan Malamute mix pups ready to go to loving home. Bailey is curious and ready to share adventures with you. Your Malinois Italiano will not be as playful as other dogs on this list– chalk it up to the more aloof nature of the Cane Corso. Martin Chamberland 2,784 views. They have a very stout, stature, with sturdy legs and a curly, bushy tail. If you’re looking for a powerful dog that will be good both at work and for protecting your home, the Belgian Boxer is pretty much it! Just be sure to attend to their need for play and affection, and you’ll have the perfect pup. Do you have a specific… Physically, they can range a lot – having anywhere from a wolf dog to a Malamute look. This way, you can keep your Mali-Dutchie living a life that makes them feel fulfilled. As such, try not to leave your German Malinois alone for long periods of time; you wouldn’t want them developing separation anxiety! And, she can be registered with the ACA. Their protective and valiant personality means they are naturals at guarding the home. Mum & dad are family pets & have been since puppies the Pitbulls have a bad reputation that follows them; we feel this is very unfair. Trying to get information concerning the Huskita. This mix is highly adaptable, as both of their parents are as well. Looking for the perfect Belgian Malinois mix to add to your pack? They would greet anyone who comes to your house, no matter if they are first-time visitors. With family, they are very loving and gentle. Walks are a good idea, but you will also need to supplement that with more intense exercise. "A Malamute's pluming tail curls over his back, while a husky's tail does not curl to either side of the body, nor does it snap flat against the back," says DiNardo.

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