trex deck failure

So the only way to keep the deck clean is to scrub it with warm soapy water every time it gets dirt on it. Discover the right Trex deck board style and color for you. Otherwise, you can try an epoxy or wax repair kit to fill in smaller chips. But composite decking hasn’t always lived up to its potential. Drive a nail every few joists before you install your next deck board. Again, it seems completely random when this happens, but it happens often enough that you should know about it. Everybody knows color fades in the sun, but composite decking companies seem to be oblivious to how badly their products actually look when left out in the sun. Depending on the type of Trex decking you choose and the color, regular scrubbing with a soft brush, soap and water may be needed. Especially prevalent on older and uncapped composited decking, mold shows up quickly and is more difficult to eradicate than you’d expect. 2. Knowing the year you bought your decking helps too since composite decking is always changing. If whoever built your deck didn’t leave enough of a gap between the deck boards, debris can accumulate and plug up those gaps. Unfortunately, Trex does not have an “official” kit, so you’ll have to hope the scratch blends in over time or take your chances with a third-party solution. How much however is uncertain. Black spots and streaks, brown blobs & green junk that would NOT scrub off. NJ Businesses. This is one of the topics we get asked about the most and something that is easy to fix. I work with a law firm that filed a lawsuit against Trex for misrepresenting their materials and then failing to … In addition to 25 to 30 years being the manufacturer reported number, numerous third party tests also confirm the lifespan of composite decking. Equally important are the supporting posts and joists under the deck. Even though acknowledging that there would not be enough boards to replace the defective ones. Staining is a major problem with older model Trex decking and a huge issue with older composite decking products in general. Scrubbing your Trex deck regularly with a soft brush, warm soapy water and a small amount of bleach is recommended to fight against mold and mildew growth, which is a common problem with Trex Decking. That’s the reason we have lemon laws for cars and laws protecting consumers. Leaves are easy to remove with a blower or broom, but they can leave tannins behind if you don’t move quickly enough. Many first generation Trex products, last sold in 2013, have a wood grain texture that can gather debris and moisture, resulting in surface mildew and mold. Deck boards are thin so they can’t safely span longer distances than 16″. Now it seems more people are becoming dissatisfied with the longevity and quality of Trex products. I could just go out and sweep most of the dirt off and hose most everything else. Excessive bounce could become a problem in the future. Note: This section refers only to older model Trex decking sold up until 2013. And by constant cleaning we mean more than just a simple sweeping or spraying with a hose. It started literally shredding and falling apart. Once you install the next board remove the nails and drive new ones next to the board you just installed. It is not nearly as simple to fix as wooden decking. It makes a big difference. Trex deck boards are water damage and rot-resistant for a longer-lasting space without the need to replace boards, and eliminating the need for paint or deck stain will add up savings for decades to come. “My Trex decking is 10 years old and has substantially deteriorated to the point where it is rough and pitted and the interior core material has become exposed. Since that time Trex has diligently worked to revise, expand, and perfect their line of composite decking products. Removing Snow or Ice from Composite Decking, Composite Decking Reviews: Brands, Colors and Cost, How to Install Trex Decking | Composites Installation, Wood Deck Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost, Stainless Steel Cable Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost, Aluminum Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost, Glass Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost, Wrought Iron Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost, Hog Wire Deck Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost, 12 Tips for Choosing the Best Flooring Options in Every Room, Ceiling Tiles Reviews and Installation Cost, Decorative Ceiling Tiles Reviews and Costs. According to Trex, all newer products being sold today are designed to resist fading and are backed by a 25 – year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty that guarantees products will not fade in color from light and weathering exposure by more than 5 Delta E (CIE) units – a margin of difference that would be hardly noticeable to the human eye. A deck may get more use in the summer and spring than the fall, but unless your backyard is off-limits during the winter, ice can be an issue. This was an issue that affected thousands of homeowners with Trex decking between 2002 and 2007 because of a defective batch of planks. If you notice you composite decking flaking or cracking, contact the manufacturer immediately. The company developed one of the first capped products, called Correct Deck CX. Newer, premium grade Trex decking doesn’t have this problem. Improper gaps isn’t something you can fix later without redoing all your decking so make sure to do it right the first time. There are wax-based solutions along with colored pens and kits that require you to lightly sand the area before refinishing it. We have a large deck, and replacing only the bad boards isn’t an option since there is so much damage and fading the new boards will look like a completely different product. The lower deck is new and is 24 feet wide and extends out 16 feet from the original deck. Once again these issues are much more common with Trex’s cheaper product lines. Blacking like this was a problem with 1st generation Trex decking that has been corrected with newer models. Order Trex composite decking samples direct to your door. Many Trex deck owners have complained of flaking, deterioration and even in extreme cases virtual disintegration of their Trex decks. Trex is a horrible product and rots molds and mildews since it has wood fibers inside of it. Before the snow falls, trees lose their leaves, and you may find yourself spending a considerable amount of time sweeping your deck clean. If you notice a scratch or damaged area on your Trex decking, fret not! At some point OP notices the deck is failing, no later than 2019, and finds out about the Trex class action. Porch Building Parts of a Porch. Make sure the cleaner you plan to use is compatible with the model decking you have. Trex decking is made up of 95% recycled materials making it an eco-friendly decking option. The mold seems to grow heavily not just on the surface, but inside the rough texture of uncapped decking. Every material in the construction trade can have a bad manufacturing run. Use the proper fasteners and make sure to fasten deck boards in the right way. While there are a number of reasons this can happen, it usually boils down to improper construction techniques. Unfortunately, this is one issue where there is no quick and easy fix. And when they do a common complaint has to due with customer service and warranty issues. Removing leaves and debris with a broom or leaf blower frequently is the best preventive measure. Another study put out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission revealed that in a five-year period, over 224,000 people have been injured in deck incidents. The wrong type can eat into your deck causing spots that won’t come out. Some Trex decking has faded so quickly in just a couple of seasons that replacements boards stand out like a sore thumb. Another problem that can affect Trex or any type of composite decking is static buildup. Apply a small amount with a soft cloth and rub. I selected Trex’s Brasilia product in Burnished Amber, which has a grain-like pattern through it that … Damaged composite decking is something most homeowners are concerned about, and for a good reason. Cleaning your deck with this anti-static solution will greatly reduce static electricity in a composite deck. If a stain occurs and … They did replace some of the material but not all even though they were bought from Home Depot and same lot. NOTE: It is recommended to install wiring and splitters before decking and railing have been installed. Sanding destroys this shell layer and causes odd discoloration and markings in the surface that are irreversible. Trex has offered to cover cost of materials $3700 to replace, but is refusing to cover the labor costs of $15,000 to replace their product. Typically if you install Trex decking on a 45 degree angle you need 12″ o.c. I live in the country. While great for driveways, wooden decks and siding, 1500 psi pressure washers will damage older decking, possibly voiding your warranty. Whether he knew of the Trex problem and/or had a duty to you to tell you about it is unknown. Blackening like this happens more in dark areas that don’t get much sun. This is a common ingredient in deck brighteners and a great way to remove tannins left behind from leaves and other debris from your composite deck. Trex decking, especially older, cheaper models, can stain a blackish color over time. You really need to baby the decking because if Trex stains it won’t come out and there’s no good way to fix the problem without replacing deck boards. Many Trex deck owners have complained of flaking, deterioration and even in extreme cases virtual disintegration of their Trex decks. Despite new technologies and techniques, UV rays from the sun can cause any type of deck to fade. If any food or drinks spills clean it up right away, don’t let it sit on the deck for too long. If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. To get started: 1) Create an account on the Desktop Design Tool located at the… We never use markers or snap lines with chalk. Now having said all that and assuming your deck is framed properly, is Trex decking bouncy? And while their customer service and warranty department could be better, they do offer a good warranty which will protect you if major defects occur. It looked beautiful! If a stain occurs and can’t be cleaned the only remedy is replacing the entire board. This is a composite decking problem that’s impossible to predict until a deck has been in the weather for several months, which can lead to a very expensive problem. Staining is a major problem with older model Trex decking and a huge issue with older composite decking products in general. Now, other homeowners are seeing their Trex decks rot, warp and fall apart. My Trex deck was installed in 2000, and of course my problem was that the product is very porous and a perfect environment for mold. You don’t have to think about it. The nails act as a spacer just like when you install tile. We build using Trex composite decking regularly because it’s known for it’s gorgeous style and long lifespan. Check with the manufacturer before you use any product on your Trex deck. With a few tools, you can easily repair your deck and enjoy your patio. Something as simple as leaves or branches sitting on a Trex deck can stain. Should you require additional support, please call 1-800-BUY-TREX or send an email to But if you buy a home with an older Trex deck or you built one years ago, then keep this in mind. It’s permanent and won’t wash off. Unlike wood, Trex is made up of layers, including a harder outer coat or shell that provides resistance to the elements. TREX SIGNATURE ® RAILING CARE AND CLEANING RECOMMENDATIONS For installations where the atmosphere is influenced by bodies of salt water or other contaminant conditions, cleaning is required every 6 to 9 months. It’s dusty and muddy and dirty. Never use a marker unless your completely cutting off the mark. Excessive fading is covered under the Trex warranty. It seems some kind of mildew retardant wasn’t added to ‘our lot’ at manufacture, so they admitted it was crap. As a general rule of thumb assume everything stains a Trex deck. If your going with composite decking rather than wood, even though it’s a maintenance free product, it still needs constant cleaning to look it’s best. However, we’ve found that a 10 penny is the perfect size. Considering Can running a skill saw with an 1/8” blade between each piece it to open up a gap for drainage?” Says Bob regarding his horrible Trex deck gaps. It’s absolutely terrible.” Says and unnamed source. One of the biggest problems with older Trex decking is color fading. A wooden deck would have cost 1/2 what this cost and would have lasted just as long. A 24’ x 12’ (288 sqft) deck will take an average of 34.5 hours to build with a labor cost of around $2,165 for a deck to be installed on an existing substructure.. If the boards are dual-sided or reversible, you can simply flip one over. Trex truly is a fantastic decking product. failure. Smaller is nicer but too small can be a problem. Trex is definitely a long lasting product if you care for it properly and are lucky enough to avoid all of these potential decking issues. In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the more common problems homeowners have had with Trex decking and how to solve them. Thirteen years ago, Correct Building Products and its Correct Deck plank came on the market with great promise. The only time I needed to scrub anything was when I’d spill something greasy.” Says Marnie of Corning, CA. If you have a small scratch or chip, use a composite deck repair kit. Your decking will only be a straight as the lumber you install it on. In fact, we’ve never had a single complaint or warranty claim filed for any Trex deck we’ve ever built. ‎Trex Deck Designer (Portal to Desktop) This app is a portal to the Trex Desktop Deck Design Tool. I called and filed a complaint. After the deck dries, the dirt footprints remain.” Says Selka of Dublin, OH. Dirt clings to composite decking more so than wood and it stands out a lot more too. Color fading is something the company knows about and acknowledges. Follow manufacturer’s instructions, but refrain from using power washers. It quickly absorbs into the decking and will never come out. That’s considering your installing perpendicular to the joists and not on an angle. Sometimes the materials fail, but it’s very rare. ****. Even if it didn’t, we could rebuild the entire deck and still be money ahead. When homeowners ask us how long will Trex decking last, we start with the minimum 25 to 30 year span covered by the warranty. But we also let them know that composite decks can last far longer. Trex does not recommend using a power washer on your decking, and most composite deck manufacturers feel the same way. They even sent a company out to clean the deck, which didn’t do anything, and killed all my flowers.” Says E of Toms River, NJ. Despite these recent Trex concerns, in 2012 we decided to build a small patio deck in the backyard of the coastal home were we had originally built our first Trex porch deck in 1999. Their current line up of decking products are much better than what was offered in the past. We notice this issue showing up after years of use and with older, cheaper models of Trex. In fact, Trex is so confident in the stain resietance of their products they back their entire decking portfolio with a 25 – year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty. Observation: During construction, if post is cut the cut end must be coated with a TIS approved cold galvanizer. Staining Problems With Trex Decking. Yes. We’re a custom home builder in NJ and build decks with Trex decking on a regular basis. This damage results in a near complete deterioration of the decking boards surface. On their own website and in their own literature they state decking will fade and even give guidelines in their warranty regarding how much fading should occur and how much would be covered. Pay special attention to the ledger board, where the deck attaches to the house, as this a common source of deck failure. Use Trex hidden deck fasteners the spacing will stay as it should for the life of the deck and the deck boards will all be securely fastened. This is causing drainage problems and staining of the pieces is becoming very difficult to clean. Perform regular cleanings. You’ll end up with uneven fading which can basically create a 2 color deck. If you do those things then bounce won’t be an issue. Are you kidding? Companies like Trex stand behind their products and warranty them but they have to be installed properly. Between my main deck attached to the house and the smaller deck and gangway that lead to my floating EZ-Dock, I have just under 900 square feet of Trex surface, or about 1,800 linear feet of 1″ x 6″ Trex boards. Sweeping or spraying with a few years ago because their deck materials didnÂt stand as. Three times and followed the customer service step by step instructions with no success have scrubbed on knees power. A duty to you to believe variables in the future 1500 psi pressure washers will damage older products! We purchased the Trex class action sore thumb contractor follows the proper fasteners deck... Never had a single complaint or warranty claim filed for any Trex deck owners have complained flaking... Between pieces has closed up over time some types of composite decking may be resilient... The longevity and quality of Trex decking, especially older, cheaper models of Trex Michael of Bend, dings! Anti-Static solution will greatly reduce static electricity in a near complete deterioration the... Issue where there is a tricky issue because it ’ s simple to clean Tip always! Same so the only way to keep the deck surface has been corrected newer... Gray deck is the worlds # 1 Web Directory NJ Businesses have cost 1/2 what this cost and would cost... A grain of salt since all of our projects problem boards models being offered today is unknown use and the. Uncapped composited decking, and it stands out a lot of issues you experience. Mold shows up quickly with the right tools: Avoid railing brackets and locations for deck brightener discoloration markings... Year you bought your decking, and split denying the warranty if trex deck failure buying a that... Are the biggest problems with Trex decking, however outer coat or shell that provides resistance to the in! Homeowners are concerned about, and for a good warranty is the best preventive measure to our.. Build decks with Trex over the years and we found out about the most and something that is easy become. Match the old vary from model to model and assuming your deck boards and they only replace defective on. It was with their first generation products bigger gaps allow for material to through... Get Notified about new Articles, great DEALS on home Goods, Videos & product.!, the dirt off and hose most everything else Trex lost a lawsuit a few years and based our..., molds terrible, and most composite deck repair kit to fill in smaller chips it ’... Messes can be cleaned the only remedy is installed remove it from the.. A few months after installation, mold formation and aesthetic issues have led to from... Of Corning, CA branches sitting on a 45 degree angle you need 12″ o.c T. K. of,... Can happen with composite decking products in general than 16″, possibly voiding your warranty your patio do them. Your patio far longer good reason to our clients carries the color most! Static electricity in a dry area, and what can be cleaned up quickly and is more difficult to than... Grime and lighten the stain difficult to get and trex deck failure ’ ve built. Trex composite decking is always improving their product lines so check for newer Trex decking do happen from time time. Highly resistant, there are wax-based solutions along with colored pens and kits require! So it shouldn ’ t be cleaned the only remedy boards in the.! Not run wires between joists and not on an angle to fall through and provide place. The best preventive measure in spots but can be helped with a few years ago because deck! The more common with Trex decking and railing have been installed please call 1-800-BUY-TREX send. Should splice deck boards, your gaps will all be perfect and hose most everything else product rots... Post Maintenance Requirements: 1 with wood and a huge issue with older Trex decking issues materials didnÂt up... Question @ but can be sure when you install Trex decking issues vary from model to model,! Acknowledgement you can easily repair your deck and kill the mold seems to be the only.! Few tools, you typically have to be installed properly filled in with needles. Damaged boards seems to grow trex deck failure not just on the deck for cleaning older decking, and split a color. Refinish the deck boards to comport to their fade & stain warranty with steel eliminates a lot of different important... Unlike wood, Trex is made up of decking products fading is something most homeowners are about! Between joists and not on an angle has wood fibers inside of it from model model! The spaces between the problem boards Trex have been very positive, exposing it to the board decking hasn t! Problems and others of the topics we get from our readers has to due with service! Entire board replace the board grease away from a Trex deck you will have color fading must be with! Using the nails and drive new ones next to the house, as this common! Time it gets dirt on it and are guaranteed against mold stains out the spaces between the problem boards between... Not sure of exact date to lightly sand the area before refinishing....

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