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One of the most commonly mistakes on a triathlon bike is trashing your run by not pacing yourself for long runs. We believe we have the perfect fit for any type of rider and Felt has never disappointed us. Felt worked with Fraser with the stealth B2 model that offered a better riding position and pedalling interface that maximised aero dynamics and pedalling power resulting in Fraser winning a fourth world championship. Riders get a thrill when racing up and down single tracks, competing against their friends bring out one’s inner child and pushes them to beat their personal records, distances, speed and improve your stamina. Are Felt bikes any good? Felts success was recognised in designing frames that offered function over form by designing the bike around the cycling needs and characteristics of the rider. Its superb BMX models are well matched to all niches, whether that's track, jump or freestyle. Join Active Pass to get VeloNews magazine, access to exclusive content, 1,000s of training plans, and more. The results of Felts engineering can be seen in Felts bikes been ridden in all Grand Tours, World championships and at Olympics. Here we take a detailed look at a brand new felt F series bicycle. The Felt B14 triathlon road bike comes with an impressive set of Shimano Ultegra speed gears that allow the rider to quickly and safely change between eleven gears. One of the main training mistakes entry level triathlon riders make is not varying their training schedule in training program. Beyond a great clamping system, Felt builds a little suspension into its big “Vibration Reducing Aero” seatposts by encasing 3T’s “Difflock Comfort Module” saddle clamp in them. The results speak for themselves. MOUNTAIN Sketchy singletrack, sick jump lines, brutal cross-country courses, crazy enduro stages, the top step of podiums – we’ve been there, we’ve done that, and we’re eager for more. New Year, Fitter You. Get 15% Off Membership →, New Year, Fitter You. Felt’s top models, by contrast, are done with “inside-out” molding. 2011-01-31 05:33:09 2011-01-31 05:33:09. Whether they are better than Trek, depends on your budget, riding style and personal preference. The Felt B14 road bike comes with a felt UHC carbon fibre frame. But Felt Bicycles is a small company that surpasses them in some areas. Felt bikes have been ridden to stage wins at all of the Grand Tours, record-breaking triathlon world titles, Olympic gold medals, and world championships on the road, trail, track, and cyclocross racecourse. I'm looking forward to pushing it a bit harder on some more technical trails while they are still dry. Instead, workers (in a cool room) drape cold carbon pre-preg fabric pieces around a mandrel shaped like a smaller version of the finished piece. With a focus on carbon fiber and aluminum frames Felt bikes are designed and optimized in California to deliver aerodynamics, versatility, durability, and fun. In order to be a successful on your triathlon bike, you will need to know the best practices and techniques. Yes, as the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles, Giant bikes are good. Finally, the seatposts are flip-position with different offsets available. Because it isn’t round, an aero seatpost cannot be clamped inside an aero-shaped seat tube with a constricting band clamp. You should maintain your Volt Burlington electric bike like any traditional pedal bike. You can buy bike good quality bike cleaning products rather cheaply. Once the clamshell mold closes around it, air is pumped into the latex bladder, applying pressure against the carbon layers. Air is pumped into a nylon bladder inside of the clamshell mandrel, which is uniform and tough and can’t blow out with temperature or due to uneven thickness the way Soucek said a latex bladder can, causing a section of the frame to not be compacted properly. This may be part of the reason that you sometimes see bikes of pro riders tear apart in a crash at the wedge clamp inside the top tube that pushes against the seatpost; the rider standing out of the saddle is twisting at this area stuffed with carbon in a much less effective layup than throughout the rest of the frame. However, it has a legacy in aerodynamics that started with Jim Felt, while he worked at Easton, making custom aero frames for triathletes out of special aero Easton aluminum tubes. Whether it’s a bike for cruising around town, crushing local trails, or setting your personal best in a triathlon, Felt seems to have a firm grasp on creating the ideal ride for you. In our investigation into, Are Felt bikes any good? Competitor brands have focused on flashy designs with little substance. Felt Bicycles offers Road, Mountain Bike, Triathlon, Track, Mixed Surfaces, Fitness, and E-Bikes for the performance-oriented cyclist. Felt has remained a small tight group in Southern California built on the founding core principles that to strive to maximise the customers riding experience and design bikes that riders are proud to ride and love to own. They certainly know how to manufacture and design bikes. Rather than molding a solid mandrel out of EPS in a clamshell mold with two female halves, Felt molds two separate “coffee-cup”-like mandrel halves, which, when put together, form a hollow version of the frame made out of a thin and tougher, denser foam. Clamps that wedge the seatpost from the back are effectively trying to tear the back of the seat tube off (so it has to be overbuilt and heavier to withstand it), and systems that wedge the seatpost from the front are effectively working to tear the top tube away from the seat tube. Given the engineering budgets of companies like Trek, Specialized, Giant, and Cannondale, it’s hard to make a bike better than they make. Fraser was well aware, that she needed an edge over competitors so she needed more speed from her bike. You may think that how a seatpost is clamped to the bike is a yawner. Felt uses a completely different seatpost-clamping system that also cuts the weight and the vertical rigidity of its aero posts. Felt is a great make (Im biassed as I have an f85 and an f2) They offer value for money and quality that isnt rivalled by any other major brand. Felt’s layer of woven TeXtreme inside can prevent severed unidirectional fabric fibers from splaying into the interior of the frame tube on impact, and can therefore stop the propagation of a crack. The Felt Decree is a medium-travel trail bike with an impressively efficient pedaling platform. Here are a number of innovative details of Felt bikes that could easily escape notice, yet I believe they are rare enough and important enough to make Felt bikes stand out as superior in these areas. Felt has made very nice bikes for years now. The 700-gram Felt F FRD frame does have a pair of titanium bolts threading into a scandium nut bar in the tall clamp; do does the F1. The only area where this doesn’t hold true is for specific aerodynamic shapes for aero frames, but the wall thicknesses are still thinner on the smaller frames. We hope you have enjoyed our article on Are Felt bikes any good? Are Felt bikes any good? While other manufacturers tend to sell their UCI-approved time trial bike as a triathlon bike and make some changes in components to speed it up a bit, Felt just went ahead and made the fastest bike it could, with some parts of the frame being over twice the 3-to-1 aspect ratio mandated by the UCI. This means the bike springs to its sagged position, even without the rider on it, so the frame is doing more of the work and the shock less, similar to the anti-squat built into a linkage frame. Carbon fibre is a lightweight, strong and durable material that is ideal for racing.   If the rider is looking to move up to the next level, the aerodynamic performance will definitely enhance the rider’s performance. Finally, it prevents tearing the frame apart by tightening the seatpost, which is what wedge clamps are doing. Editor’s note: To close out the year, we are counting down the top 14 stories of 2014. Price: $6,499 Weight: 28.6 lb. Editor’s Note: Felt covered airfare for Zinn’s recent trip to its facility in California. The two bikes are very similar but the Felt offers a more comfortable seat and also has a 2nd set of brakes which is very handy. Pros: Fast bike with racers in mind, capable handling, good on-road feel. Felt is another youngster on this list, founded in 1994. The race bikes are light and stiff while the Endurance bikes are sporty and versatile. South California’s weather and good riding conditions has allowed the in-house engineering team to design, research, test the bikes in the most intense situations to put the riders needs first to develop the best possible customer experience. Giant Bicycles, as the biggest bike brand in the world, is also known as one of the best budget bike brands. The Edict is a single-pivot bike that behaves like a linkage bike because of this flex at the dropouts. Instead, that layer of TeXtreme fabric actually saves weight and adds toughness to Felt frames, but it costs around 10 times as much as the unidirectional fabric it replaces. Felt has invested heavily in its product — in its engineers and the designs, tools, and materials they come up with — and not much in marketing. For premium frames, the mandrel is often EPS foam (Styrofoam) dipped in latex. Rossignol, the world leader in active, competitive, and lifestyle products in the winter sports market, sees cycling is a natural brand extension, one that appeals to the same group of passionate athletes who want to get out and ride, push themselves, and have fun 365 days a year. Are Felt bikes any good? Felt claims its IA frame has net lift in crosswinds (negative drag, so an aerodynamic propulsive force rather than a drag force) and that the AR road bike and DA time trial bike also have an exceptionally “high yaw profile,” meaning they can go to high yaw (sidewind) angles before the bike “stalls” (the point where the drag force suddenly increases dramatically). In finding out, Are Felt bikes any good? This allows it to easily accept 28mm (and even bigger tires) and increases the bottom bracket drop (so that the bottom bracket is lower with a 25mm tire and about the same with 28mm or 30mm tires as the F1). Felt have designed the B14 frame to be lightweight and streamlined to assist the riders pedal power and reach higher speeds much quicker with less effort. VeloNews and Velo magazine’s editorial staff voted this piece as one of our favorite articles of the year. The Felt comes with a set of stylish and low weight TTR4 wheels that offers the rider a brilliant grip on the track. Photo: Lennard Zinn | Thinking About Buying A Felt Bike. The benefit to Felt’s clamping system is not just reliable clamping; it is also reduced weight, increased comfort, and increased frame durability. Rather, it is a product-driven company, and has been ever since Jim Felt started making custom aluminum bikes with his name on them decades ago. Many manufactures in the 1980’s failed to design frames that offered aero dynamics and focusing on designing frames with different materials rather than designing a bike that fits the rider like a glove and maximising the productivity of the bike and the rider. Unidirectional carbon layers cannot stand alone for the same reason that a bulletproof vest made out of fibers all running the same direction could not stop a bullet; an impact can split the fibers if crossing ones are not there to hold them together. Just the fact that you most likely hear very little about Felt, especially now that its bikes are no longer being ridden by UCI WorldTour teams, may indicate that it’s not a marketing-driven company. Learn your functional threshold power, and test it every eight to twelve weeks so you can use these metrics to help you train and beat your personal best. But to optimize stiffness of both the frame and the post, both are built with stiff fibers that can’t tolerate being pinched; the fibers will crack if deflected very far over a short distance by the seat binder clamp. Felt bikes. Air bikes have been around for over four decades. Cycling is a form of exercise and you need to ensure you maintain your energy levels. Are cruiser bikes good for long rides? We will look at customer satisfaction. Felt road bikes are offered in the form of Endurance, Race, and Aero bikes. As a bike mechanic, especially if you are installing internal electric wires for electronic shifting, it may be beautiful to look inside the bottom bracket shell of a top end carbon frame and see that it is completely hollow; you can look right up inside the seat tube, down tube and chainstays. Furthermore, Felt does not restrain itself from making no-holds-barred aero bikes that the UCI does not allow. A good base for starting off. Archived. Felt claims its UCI-legal time trial bike, the DA, is the fastest UCI-legal bike straight out of the box (i.e., with no changes in component spec). Heat and pressure make the resin flow like water; computers calculate the resin viscosity with temperature to optimize flow through the layers. [Apr 11, 2011] danmtchl. Create a personalized feed and bookmark your favorites. So consumers just may be surprised at how light, fast, snappy, and tough a bike they’ve barely heard of can be. It’s also lighter than a sharp airfoil because added material is required to form the sharp edge, as carbon cannot make a sharp bend like that. It also sandwiches layers of unidirectional fabric between itself and a similar TexTreme sheet to form the bottom layer that prevents unidirectional fibers from imploding inward in the case of a hard impact. This is a California-based brand, which can be seen in most of their bikes, as they are innovative and free in spirit. We will look at their product design. Are felt bikes good? However, you can imagine that the bottom bracket bearings of, say, a press-in BB30 bottom bracket may be more free to move around relative to each other if there is nothing but a big hollow space between them. Road Track Triathlon / TT Mixed Surface Mountain Electric Women’s All Bikes Asked by Wiki User. If you can save a little bit and wait a little longer I would wait and step up to the next level bike. The Felt B14 Triathlon road bike offers brilliant value. Soucek said the precision of the shape of this mandrel means the layup moves very little during molding, so he can reduce the frame weight by minimizing overlap of layers. Top Answer. Similar Products Used: Other Felt bikes. Searching For A Brand New Triathlon Road Bike. They specialize in producing rowers and bikes that will stand the test of time. The hollow dropouts forming a loop can also be used as a leaf spring; this feature is incorporated into the Edict 4-inch-travel cross-country race 29er. Felt’s solution for clamping aero seatposts is unique and game-changing, and its solution for clamping round posts puts reliability above weight and style considerations. The Felt comes with the “ Prologo Finishing Kit” that offers the rider a light weight aero dynamic frame that will help the rider beat their own personal best. Cracks can then propagate from there, and a rider’s frame may suddenly fail while JRA (“just riding along”), but the failure was actually due to a prior crash. We will know look at Felts love for racing. The Felt brand do not offer bikes in every bike category and prefer to focus their attention were the can offer the possible value to the cycling enthusiast. Carbon bikes are no longer made by laying fabric pieces into mold cavities because the layers can’t overlap properly at the seam, and the molds are too hot from the previous frame to lay pre-preg fabric in without becoming sticky. Shimano are a well-known brand within the bike industry of making top quality materials and components. Carbon fiber in the necessary places (fork legs and seat post), I actually prefer the 8 speed components to the Shimano 9 speed. I was wondering what is the general opinion of them and what would be considered a good deal. This allows Felt to make the F1 PR frame — the frame Thor Hushovd and Magnus Bäckstedt used at Paris-Roubaix — that has become more relevant due to the surge in popularity of racing road bikes on gravel. The triathlete went on to win three world championships in Kona. And finally, Felt also produce a good line of electric bikes, all featuring the impressive Bosch eDrive system. However, Felt prefer to look at every detail in order to push the limits of engineering and to deliver the best possible riding experience. The company says other shapes have a place; it uses sharp airfoils for the trailing edges of handlebars and truncated airfoils (Kammtails) on vertical tubes that don’t have a wheel or any other parts behind them. I'm going into racing soon and I have full confidence in the bike. New Year, Fitter You. The company also has a strong reputation in the time trial/triathlon bike area and for several years provided bicycles to UCI teams in the Tour de France. In continuing our investigation, Are Felt bikes any good? Instead, ideas that work on road bikes rapidly cross-pollinate to mountain, cyclocross, and track bikes, and vice versa. We will look at their attention to detail. We take a closer look at the brands history. This amounts to a super light, confident-handling bike for cobbles and gravel roads. Felt is part of the Groupe Rossignol house of brands. Felt claims its “soft airfoil” shape on many of its aero-bike frame tubes performs better in crosswinds by improving reattachment of air after passing the tube, has a higher frame stiffness, and interacts better with a water bottle than sharper or truncated airfoil shapes. Then check out all of our bikes here. Motorcycle mechanic Jim Felt found fame in the cycling world after building new bikes for triathlon champions. Since it does not have to withstand crushing forces to hold it in place, the seatpost walls can be very thin (you can easily flex the side walls of Felt AR, DA, and IA seatposts with your fingers) and hence lightweight. The research and development spend a lot time looking at every detail from the production process’s right through to when the rider receives their brand new Felt bike to ensure that the customer has the best experience of owning a Felt bike. By contrast, even on the 700-gram F FRD frame, Felt molds a separate carbon cross-tube — a bottom bracket shell — and then bonds and molds it into the frame. Compared to a road or hybrid bike , cruisers have a significantly slower top speed, which is also the major difference between them. TeXtreme Spread Tow Fabric offers the strength and toughness of two layers of unidirectional carbon in a single layer of the same weight as one of those unidirectional layers. That’s not for us to say. When designing a carbon frame, the flexibility and stiffness can be manipulated, offering a massive advantage over other materials. Posted by 6 years ago. Felt Road Bikes. Your training should consist of short, medium and long riders at different paces. Again, veering from the “ideal” of a net-molded frame, Felt does not depend on molded carbon seats to hold the headset bearings. Pros: Aero frameset, time trial adaptability, stiffness; Cons: Basic wheels, tyre clearance, poor brakes, stiffness And found it helpful and informative. So if extended rides at slower speeds are not a problem for you, then a cruiser is a nice option. There is no excuse for getting your pace correct. Judging by our test of the Felt AR3 against other aero road bikes in the wind tunnel (August 2014 issue of Velo) Felt’s tube shapes work, as the AR3 was the clear winner in any kind of crosswind. However, as a complete bike the AR4 has some potential shortcomings that you should be aware of before parting with your £2,399.99. Do not put too much degreaser around the motor as it may affect the drive bearings grease. Speed is good. When you remove the Edict’s shock, the shock-actuation lever snaps down (you have to pull up on it to fit the shock back in) because the spring formed by the hollow stays at the dropout springs open. This can prevent “mystery” carbon frame failures by preventing fibers from imploding inward on impact. Felt was founded in California in 1991 with the goal of becoming the most innovative cycling company in the world. More about Felt Bikes: Road; Mountain; City / Hybrid; Cruiser; BMX; Gary Fisher Bicycles. Close. I'm looking to purchase my first road bike, and after much research and lurking this sub I've narrowed it down to a couple. Carbon fibre is lighter and stronger than aluminium, titanium or steel. There are other items to mention as well – things that Felt has quietly been doing for some time that now others are trumpeting loudly about doing. How To Ride Technical Mountain Bike Trails, Pros and Cons Of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes, ” I Absolutely Love My Felt B14 Triathlon Bike.” WayneÂ. However when I showed the candidates to my cycling friends, none of them had heard of Felt.

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