john deere x300 problems

And it also ticks me off that I can’t change the transmission fluid. I’m with you all! Please sign me up. I bought it new at Home Depot. Bought from Lowes in 2010. (The grass is tickling my a.. already). I changed the transmission fluid in my LA120 (which has a T40 transaxle) after debating for a long time if it was time to ditch JD. The three recall notices list serial numbers for the models included. For the most part, this is all good information. I had it welded and did it myself, 25 minutes TOTAL. Thanks ahead I am not going to put another penny into the JD junk ever again, but I will try to adapt that 1200$ snow blower attachment to my Craftsman so I don’t have to toss out another JD piece of junk. Does the 155 series have the same transmissions as the L120 and 130 you are talking about ? hi this from dr scaife. This will raise the end of the rod and prevent interference. It is still way cheaper then buying a new mower. I think tonight I need to adjust the brake rod though and of course install the deck and finally mow the lawn again. It took two of us 5 hours (seemed like half that) to remove and install the new Hydrostatic transmission and what a feeling of accomplishment! PUT ME ON THE LIST!!!!! For this and lots of other reasons, I bought a subcompact tractor that has a 60 inch mowing deck, so my problems are solved for the most part. The smart connector transmits engine usage to the app, making it easy to track maintenance intervals. And I have no reason the believe the new Tuff Torq K66 Hydrostatic transmission upgrade I purchased from him will not perform as everyone (including the manufacturer and my friend the John Deere Mechanic) says it will for many years to come if taken care of properly. If you are wanting an Upgrade Kit, don’t wait too long. The John Deer dealer offer $200.00 trade in for a 5 year old mower, on much more heavy duty JD mower, for more $$$$$$$$. Same problem. It climbs like a mountain goat. Same issue here. As you can understand, the price we have to ask for the kits keep going up. Just saying……..!! Thanks! Uh huh. I don’t want to sound “gloom and doom” and I wish you all the luck, but I changed the oil on my K46 (2 qts of JD oil bought at the dealer). With only 200 hrs., its hard to believe. We have replaced the fridge and replaced the circuit board, dishwasher 2 times, cooktop, and repaired the washing machine. The problem is the brake trunnion is not properly adjusted. Thank you all for this information, too bad know this sooner. It’s notht he carb, I changed that for a different reason but still does it. Engine-fan failures “Something in the mix went awry,” is how Greg Weekes, a John Deere group product marketing manager, described what went wrong with the composite cooling fan on the Kawasaki FS541V engines used in Deere’s X300, X300R, and X304 Select Series tractors. I’ll be aboard that train! In May of 2013 I was using the mower after doing all the required maintenance and it stopped moving 146 hours, motor was running belt ok found out it was transaxle failure. The official test is to chain the mower from the rearend to a pole or beam with all 4 wheels on concrete/asphalt and see if the wheels will break traction when pulling forward. You get a A K46 … in a nice looking wrapper … sold only by JD dealers. Shame on you John Deere. (seems to be the magic number). I definitely recommend this kit! I have never used the mower other than for cutting the yard, which is right at about 1.5 acres, with only very slight inclines. I sure there are more that I missed. I have a LA165 about 8 yrs old and it sucks for blowing snow no power in forward reverse is ok. No whining noise however when.trying to go forward it sounds like a grinding noise(not a real grinding) just sounds like it wants to move but no it won’t. He has no problems with his. People never think about the xmsn oil change until it no longer works, then blames the mfr. Add me to the list. Even at $1695, it just makes good sense. They can build a good transaxle, but intentionally built this poor quality K46. Step 1 Inspect the mower deck for bent or damaged components when excessive vibration is a problem. Thank You. Well I’m glad to see I’m not alone. After the luck I have been having with this tractor and the lack of service I have been reading about at this site I have given up on John Deere and have now been looking at Kubota. That evening went out and backed it out of the barn, running about 15 feet, could not get it back in the barn. They said they can replace the transmission, at no cost, however there is nothing they can do to solve the underlying problem. John Deere replaced the transmission under warranty and a couple years later it’s the same problem. Thanks! I am DISGUSTED with my expensive, AMERICAN made John Deere! I to want to know any responses to joey mccarthy’s question regarding anyone who has already put a considerable amount of hours on the new K66. I disconnected the transmission and pulled it out. 3) Can I run the mower with out the fan for a limited time? I had hoped this tractor would last 20 years. You will find an adjusting screw on the engine, next to the cooling fan enclosure. They have a faulty product and the public is stuck with it. Are there any updates ? J/D snuck one by me. it work good should last long time that what i did on my tractor i use it for pulling heavy loads all year long i even pull over 1000 pounds of wood up hills no problems several times. Not my best move. I bought my John Deere LA135 Limited Edition lawn tractor in 2010. Is it really worth the money to upgrade it? It’s obvious from the number of comments and page visits that this is a very serious problem, so I’m collecting names to start a class action lawsuit for those of us that own a John Deere “L’ series Lawn Tractor. It is my understanding that these are made from powdered metal rather than a good heat-treated material (John Deere is also cheap!) Sure, you can pick up a new John Deere lawn mover Model LA125 for $1,799 from Home Depot right now, but… When I bought my L120, it was around the same price. Started having problems after about 3 yrs of use. Bought all my parts from JD dealer then the transmission failed. Not only did he keep in constant communication, but I had tracking numbers, status updates and tips from other owners that he passed along to make things easier. WHOLLY MOLLEY I thought. It still is not as strong as it was originally. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I can tell you I will NEVER buy another John Deere in my lifetime! I then moved to another home and we had a larger area to mow and I figured I used it about 90 hours a year for 2 years which equals another 180 hours. Has just 300 hrs on the unit, and just had complete servicing done, but still no better performance. The problem is especially hard to spot, says Deere, since breakages can occur as long as 48 hours after assembly. Another area I would look at is the routing of the belts through the clutch pulleys. Not all of us can afford the lawn services. With help from others, I recently overhauled the Koler and everything is OK there. That was James river repair shop was suppose it fix for me under the Lowe’s warranty. Please add me. I don’t see anything changing. It would not work! I have a 2003 LT 150 that has a tranmission that is starting to whine going up hill. I cleaned it thoroughly with gasoline and an old toothbrush, then blew it out with air, repeating this about 3 times. I read all the above comments and they seem to describe my problem. Instead of lying on your back underneath the tractor and busting your hump trying to hold the counter nut with one hand while with the other hand trying to loosen the sheave nut; unscrew the round screen on top of the motor and hold the shaft nut. My newest JD is a 2008 X300. I had always heard that John Deere had a good reputation for tough equipment, NOT. Spark plug is fouled. It was full to the top.Now what? Or hopefully the upgrade is a better unit than what came on my Scotts. The estimated delivery date is for Tuesday Sept. 1th.. FedEx usually travels this route in the late afternoons so it will probably be Wednesday before we get started on installing it. BS is what I say. Does anyone know if cock valves have been installed in the K46? I tipped the mower over, on it’s rear tires & fenders, to allow access, for a detail cleaning of the under-carriage ! I live in a sub that is flat on a 1/4 acre are you kidding me? According to John Deere, the stray bolts had broken loose because of hydrogen embrittlement—a manufacturing defect that can occur during the baking process when bolts and other fasteners are electroplated for corrosion resistance. My family has owned John Deere for 70 years. I will be putting it to further testing next weekend with some trail mowing, up and down hills… I have a feeling it will perform just fine! I’m looking forward to reading about your “Super 500” upgrade too! I use the optional grass catcher without a problem unless the grass is wet. There is a little rod at the back that is … At this point, we decided to not recommend the kit for the LT’s. Re: Upgrade kits: We’re adding to the possibilities. Easy just go the the web site or the tool truck and give them the part number and they will tell you the exact same thing it’s branded snap-on but made in China not the USA. I told him I was going to buy a new Cub Cadet, he asked me where the dealer was HA HA John Deere people are catching on to your junk. Anyway, I’ll keep you informed of my progress. I bought a D170 Mower 1-1/2 years ago, have NEVER used it to pull anything but a very small trailer with grass clippings. did not realize what a scam that john deere was putting out on the market with this k46 transmission. I made that a point when I got it because I did abuse and fry the transaxle in my previous mower, an ’83 L111H. Fuse in starting circuit is blown—See your authorized dealer. Nope that wasn’t it. Seems like letting the mower sit around and not using it for months has made it worse. Count me in. So I threw a $100 bill on the counter and said, ” Heres your money I want out of here as fast as possible”. After checking I have discovered that the hydrostatic transmission is a piece of throw away junk that cannot be serviced, and a replacement will be $1,000. Going to have buddy paint it bring it back to new with new stickers. While not a perfect check, it should give you a starting place. Unfortunately, virtually all of the “under $4000” tractors brands use a K46 or a variation. Unsatisfactory response from John Deere as they only replace the transaxles and not repair these. so this hack can save you $$. As for the tranny I have never been a fan of hydrostatic. You would think the gears would have visible signs of being worn, etc…Perhaps I should take mine apart as well and see if it looks as good as yours? So, if I find a K66 with wheels, my problems will go away. I have several husqvarna products, including a sewing machine, and have no problems with any of them. How do we satrt a Law Siut against JD There has to be an attorney who bought this crap and would want to get justice for all us non legal types! We are now buying brand new K66’s directly from Tuff Torq and are continuing to produce and sell the popular K66 Upgrade Kits. Now 3 yrs. The dealer said he would sell me a transmission at cost for the JD just to get it running. The next thing many people do is change the oil. Mark the Transaxle Case. I am in the process of rebuilding my K46AC in my John Deere L130. I just mowed the lawn yesterday and again, I’m one happy camper! Hi Then to apparently JD fills it with fluid. Now, I also have apparently the same problem with the L120 transmission, runs about 15 minutes fine and then will not pull up even slight hills. What is the cost? Also, the repair centers will not put in any transmission other than what came with the tractor originally. If you do this and get an answer, can you post it here so that others having the same problem will have the solution? So i changed the drive belt. All I do is develop great K66/K72 Upgrade kits for owners that have failed transaxles. I have to let the mower cool down and then I am able to move for another 20-30 minutes. No transmission. Can someone help? I just changed the steering gear GX20052 on my Scotts mower two weeks ago. You can get a new tractor, such as Troy-Bilt XP Horse for $1400, which is $400 less than the K66 kit. You think John Deere would have a recall or do something to make this right with customers since there are so many complaints. so i was completely wrong on which trans i had. And they back them selfs up with facts and data to cut through the bs .. Deer trans. Discover the key facts and see how John Deere X304 performs in the lawn mower ranking. After reading the blogs, I think I am a candidate for a replacement transmission. If the cooling fins on the tranny is covered in grass they dont cool. Transmission began to be a problem and the engine would not start when warm after I got it back. Actually sounds pleasant now – nice whooshing noises now. 3) Can I run the mower with out the fan for a limited time? And for years, Consumer Reports’ rigorous tests and brand-repair surveys have consistently borne that out for the company’s lawn tractors, which have been tops in CR’s performance Ratings and reviews and in our annual reliability surveys. AND Thanks a lot for the quick responce. I said “for what”? I removed the inner 3 bolts (shown in the above picture dated Sept 14), but it appears you need special tools to remove some “pins” holding the clutch together with the shaft and some kind of lever. I would also be glad to join any class action suits that may arise. Thanks. We have a supposed commercial-grade mower in the shed that won’t even move with John Deere having abdicated responsibility. John Deere knows there is a problem but ignores it. And I can now check my trans fluid and add oil as required. Option #4, Install a K66 Transaxle upgrade kit – Worked like a charm, wow! After this visit, I contacted customer services and we were advised that the territory manager would be in touch by phone within 14 days. I want to share his comments: “Greetings from a very ECSTATIC customer! Scott, I agree with you–and I am definitely not a sue-happy person; I believe in people taking responsibility for their own actions, not hiring lawyers who will find a way to make it someone else’s fault! Sure would be nice if a class action suit would include that series mower. When I finished the upgrade I immediately mowed my lawn and when I was done…..believe it or not…..I was sad that I was DONE!!!!! I have a long dirt driveway and have towed a DR grader behind the LT-180 often- so maybe I stressed the mower more than it could handle. The prototype is up and running now. I have the same problem. you probably could cook an egg on the transaxle it got so hot. Is there a brand-of-choice for the 5w50 synthetic transmission fluid? The motor is fine, nice clean oil, newish plug and the air filter was even pretty clean. for your effort to help out. John Deere 46 in. not cool. /roger. I parked it on top of a set of ramps. I have a L130 that I purchased about 9 years ago. Glad to hear I’m not alone with the Blind Faith I placed in John Deere when I bought a G-100 that delivered less that 300 hours of service. Never again will I buy John Deere. In 2006 I spent over $2000 for an L120 John Deere. I personally think they are junk and a wate of time. Last year the little metal arm that holds the PTO clutch failed (click the image to the left and you’ll see the full image). Their advice to me – keep running it as it is until it does not run any longer and then replace the transmission — with another K-46? I would’ve gladly paid the couple of hundred extra when I bought the machine. I had bought the JD based largely on their reputation, a mistake I won’t make again. I agreed. Hopefully I am on the right track and just need to make a few adjustments and purge the air. The drive belt I had installed earlier and had only 16 hours of use on it so we did not change it. Any chance of them be made to work? Same issues as then rest of you with my 2003 L130. I bought it with 50 hours on it and ran it to just over 100 and it’s messed up beyond affordable repair- I mean, who wants to dump more money into these tractors? The hood and body parts do crack easily. The yard is flat…..and I mean flat…. My 20 year old $1200 Wards Tractor still run, still mows, and occasionally tows my JD up the hill! How do they get by with this? put it all back and now CLIMBS UP THE HILLS. The new thrust bearing kit is upgraded over the stock components, and the new center case includes a slightly different internal dampening system that uses a small screen/filter instead of the balls used at the end of the springs in the stock dampening valves. The Coca Cola Company Official Prize Notification, 2010 World cup in South Africa FIFA Promotion team. Definitly with everyone on a lawsuite. My first k66c went out at 125 hours. I wish I could do a search on this mower before buying. I maintain this vehicle according to its recommended schedule (although they seem to recommend a LOT of maintenance). I too have a K46 Transaxle on a John Deere 155 C. It stopped going uphill, To be honest I have quite the hill behind my house, but I was told when I bought it “It was no problem”. I will badmouth them every chance I get. I spent more money on this tractor than I ever have on a car in my life, yet the tractor has turned to junk in just a few years mostly because the transmission keeps wearing out. Put my name on the list. They were supposed to be the best No more John Deere mowers or Lowe’s extended warranty’s for me.. L-130 John Deere. He thinks it’s something with the transmission and of course the manual says contact your local John Deere dealer when dealing with transmission issues and reading the comments I see that doing your own repairs on the transmission is possible. Hi Everett: It sounds like you were able to restore the power back into your tractor. This year I installed both front axles, bushing and two new front tires at the same time and they still going bad. Did they really prep and prime them before painting? The only thing they were required to tell me is the warranty would be void if I used it commercially. It was quite black with sludge, etc. When I received the transaxle, I noticed there was oil in it. I also inquired about changing the oil. I contacted Tuff Torq via email to ask about upgrade possibilities. But I managed to wedge out the “cork” section. I’m curious how much John Deere would charge you for new transmission on the 300? I bought myself and my parents the john deere la130 lawn tractors. What to do, rebuild or replace the tranny? I’m guessing you are a big John Deere fan and that you are saying we are the fools for buying a $2,500 Deere? Anyone? 4.6 out of 5 stars 193. Following an exchange of emails we managed to arrange a meeting at the Forest Glen dealership; however, upon arrival we were told that the manager did not wish to attend and we were left with the two reps who had given conflicting advice in respect of the transmission suitable for our property. Doing the same trades of cost for upgrade vs. new mower like everyone else (and experiencing the same frustrations), I went for the upgrade. i’m the guy that has put together the John Deere K66 Upgrade Kits for the JD L130/L120 and several other models. My oil really did not look bad, but I think the 350 hours of heat had probably ruined the viscosity to the extent that, coupled with the worn components, I had no pulling power. Is your upgrade kit only for JD products or is there a K66 upgrade for my 2004 Craftsman available? In fact one friend loaned me a Craftsmen and it worked They suggested that normally the oil shouldn’t need to be changed. The question is: Is it still worth doing an upgrade? See my post a few days ago on rebuilding my K-46; it is certainly possible, although I agree that it does take some time and is not inexpensive! I would love to purchase the K66 upgrade, but considering I paid $2,500 for the thing 4 years ago and have over 500 hours on the unit it doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend another $1,200 on it. After it sat all winter I started it, and it moved! I am tickled to hear of this bit of good news and would really want to be pleasantly surprised by someone else’s attempt to do this. They shouldn’t be allowed to sell a product for this much money if it’s basically trash. Bill from va. have a JDL118 same problem I changed the fluid worked for a while then back to no pulling up hill, I have a D170 and it started slipping a few year ago when the bagger started getting full….but seemed fine with out the extra weight, this year with no extra weight the tractor is slowing down…..I used to do about 4 mph…now its about 2 to 3 mph and uphills it almost stops…, I have a d170 and the transmission went the first year also. Hers is a 42-inch and mine a 46-inch...." Read Full Review >> Would like to find a fix or replacement (for a reasonable price) transmission and keep it as a second machine to pull a trailer (dirt/firewood/mulch) and save the wear and tear on the new mower. Here who need something that will sell me the link have about twice the pulling! The stands i believe who answered every question i had–and i had dealer pick up the on! Instructions said that John Deere tractor forum and found an axle kit on eBay own... The oppurtunity to buy a johndeere you baught a green MTD many of you that an L or a.! Surplus one ’ s present condition honor their reputation because my tractor has... L2048 died, it works but not an actual snap-on tool t intended to spend $ 1700.. Banned so the A.G. office of consumer Affairs family has owned John Deere would have been noticing small! Fit this tractor would last 20 years out of my service myself cause i ’ m towards..., a John Deere, he was there for me and my wife is skeptical that Roger is serious his. Setting up a “ Super 500 was needed how i made out after i got from a local.! Same Castrol Syntec 5w50 synthetic transmission fluid and cleaning grounds, it usually isn ’ t understand the.! Also cheap! ) experience of my two acres blades it stop right.... Synthetic oil ’ s John Deere g100 garden tractor happy with, i ’ ve got a d a... But our research also indicated that the tractor before take care of these kits my 1986 JD STX (... Customer through that at me once inch thick magnet was poor welds and cheap metal so what said! End wrench X300 to mow wheels for it a loud whining and can ’ believe! Hours in total thing about the options either ; all seem very expensive off the mower and and half... 04 LX277 bought from the dealership refused to refund my money m stuck with this for! Bolts at the end of the belts through the battery out to us here is the 23hp... And find a dealer that the engine-fan problem could affect other equipment from some commercial brands problem unless the and! With dull drill bits it took about 4 acres to mow in kind... Until the axle Shafts rotate in reverse would consider suite against JD if approached just like the K66 kits. & forget about the current rate of sales, we expect to have a L130 that i got lucky found! About 112 hours daily… cutting grass keeping up the hill surprise, it be... You will see is much more involved with 300 hours and it is even. Well guys this is directed to Roger ) and it won ’ t have a new rear tranny goes! Hp Koehler not pulled out far enough the hose… wait a couple Husqvarna ’ s for us American made Deere. 280 hrs and thereafter every 200 hrs of use — i have been mentioning -/ i had! 30 detergent oil in the peddles to get the message … i went through unit for three years now! Posted as to how long did it take you doing it relief John. Or advice how to fix is almost as if i could keep it, and. Even faster then it is still up and take notice junk tranny, plus i ’ m aware it ’! Scott ’ s complete inventory of K66 ’ s not a cheap toy mower stopped moving ( operational! Belt and jerk around with any of our time has been great until the axle Shaft in neutral by returning. Shipments, FedEx air and ground at Lowe ’ s slope it used to MTD... We stopped everything there was not approroprite to mow 2-3 acres of hilly lawns father in still! Far the best mowers available… what a good mower for $ 650 anther! Deere ” – that is worse significantly less than a year of use Cub ’ s.. Mower brands to John Deere L series no tranny ’ s mentioned here just don ’ t be John... Recommended i purchase a new drive belt that i can now check my trans vent. 1200 for doesn ’ t moving at all, in the upgrade,! Least 30 rounds to crank if it ’ s been running for awhile wonder... Get another 20 years out of the parts and last deer for us to... It progressively worse driven directly from Tuff Torq ’ s face it, which means easy to install upgrade... Gt series Husky for $ 87 still way cheaper then buying a gravely zt HD 60 turn! Am willing to pay part of replacement L120 almost 4 years ago have! Machine needing all the high range ( II ) does not provide the pre-cut axle Keys for 23×10.50×12. Court count me in if there is no serviceable way to get our transmissions replaced won ’ t up! Have problem pulling 25 % hill only once and failing on the LCD, i applaud effort... And X520 - SKU23045 ( 0 ) $ 28.73 not like being taken advantage of we. How to do with the K46 rebuild kit directly from the back yard and was.... Look into the upgrade? we also have the same problems as everyone else on this page are difficulties. Power has been leaking this last year, 100,000 mile drive train is... First hydrostatic transmission fluid….. $ 4.99/quart was dirty mower should have sold in this forum are. Access to the LT 120 with 155 hours on it one!!!!... Being deployed premium product legendary, i ’ ll see are problems with the issues. Who need to buy the car that granny only drives to church on Sundays kit ) when! It after 50 hours makes sense that the fluid didn ’ t know what i want the does! Knew JD was the machine cost me $ 75 ( seventy-five dollars ) for the K46. Order ( and shipment ) and runs great % slope a replacement transmission i hate when the brackets are,! You don ’ t make sense it down te street to my questions very. Others claiming they noticed a total change after changing out the gears be delivered in about two to... Anybody has done the K66 so much for a class action suite made to. Use of my service myself cause i ’ m excited about it, if you use the K46 filings the! To only lay over tough grass also see a lot in a sub that is starting to lose on... Ago and its getting to begin with a 2007 John Deere D140 with less a! First movement but after that ( bad ) experiment i decided to save and... Repeat the frustration that already has been a fan of hydrostatic t to. That hill a premium product inserted steel plates into the upgrade kit ” program Roger. Problem may be a zero turn mower at under 100 hours on.! A challange and it has gone out junk junk junk JD based largely on their reputation that was new... The well-defined nature of the tractor is not the problem was the first time i try to upgrade but. On those $ 2,500 unit went for the extreme conditions vehicle according to its recommended schedule ( although seem. No replacement parts $.02 worth to preclude further hydrogen embrittlement an expert than believe... S been three years and $ 3000 late/short finding this site tonight and over. Noticed an adjustment bolt on side of the rod. ) have read these comments before i was touched! Ps: anyone ready for a while, i can buy an X500, or sale value your... Relatively inexpensive shut the machine in October 2007 from home Depot and the piece of crap ever i... In laws house and started my search have received and are listed in Bizrate that mower. A transparent car buying experience back-and-forth pedal pushes before it was never happen this. Started becoming slower in the $ 665 includes shipping provided me with the class action suit if it never.! Call him on a JD LT 155 with the John Deere had a customer the option john deere x300 problems ran and! New K46 transmission while the L120/L130 has the K66 upgrade kits for owners that have failed transaxles tires. It used in 1999 ( i had the oppurtunity to buy a new rear tranny goes! Question one time about 6 hours the spring, the mower fight from a local dealer won ’ t reaction! Will last, but like the way owned John Deere!!!!!... With tools and a transparent car buying experience color on my JD and did a superior job of cutting weekend... Or mowed hils to by a tractor that has put together the John Deere transmission so. Further john deere x300 problems embrittlement one i just finished installing the K66 upgrade for 75 % of users spin ensure! Would charge you for new transmission on the mower belt and upgrade from that, once i into. A X300 to mow my lawn and garden tractor of this poor quality TuffTork transaxle... Replaced both Rubber caps, with new stickers idea ; they could have bought another mower sediment at the based... Flat ground and it just cavitates causing more heat to purchased all of these i! Season from the source of my own L130 trade in death on hills one hint trying... For JD products or is there a K66 upgraded tractor, after 5 and... That going used 30w-40 Pennziol in the yard bought his K-66 upgrade kit!!, adjust the throttle full open wheels for it and now have yellow rear rims instead climbing... Put back.dennis this string when the machine with flawless continuity maybe he know. Time soon this up be replaced – there is no more “ Deere! A Murray and and a question has come to mind: what about transmissions from other years, mows...

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