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The focus here is on data: from R tips to desktop tools to taking a hard look at data claims. Package names, like pretty much everything else in R, are case sensitive. It's also built for I/O speed. Is your R code sluggish? Works well with Selectorgadget. Some are similar to existing base R functions but in a more standard format, including working with regular expressions. Turn R data into interactive Web applications. One option is to load it into your R session with the library("packagename") or require("packagename"). The best singers, song wtiters, best sellers of all time. However, it does much more than that, including line and bar charts with legends and tooltips. Discover the best R&B in Best Sellers. CRAN. google_directions( origin = c(my_longitude, my_latitude). Another alternative for binary file storage (R-only), fst was built for fast storage and retrieval, with access speeds above 1 GB/sec. CRAN. CRAN. How to reshape data with tidyr’s new pivot functions, 8 free and cheap ways to learn about Windows administration, When it’s time to return to the office, tech is key to success, Windows 10's new optional updates explained, How to manage multiple cloud collaboration tools in a WFH world, Windows hackers target COVID-19 vaccine efforts, Salesforce acquisition: What Slack users should know, How to protect Windows 10 PCs from ransomware, Top R language resources to improve your data skills, Sponsored item title goes here as designed, Beginner's guide to R: Get your data into R, These R packages import sports, weather, stock data and more, Create your own Slack bots -- and Web APIs -- with R, 4 data wrangling tasks in R for advanced beginners, Practical R for Mass Communication and Journalism, purrr makes it easy to apply a function to each item in a list and return results in the format of your choice. There are a number of useful functions in here. Play on Spotify Initially aimed at package development, usethis now includes useful functions for any coding project. The Best R&B Albums of All Time. A GIS game-changer for R. CRAN. GitHub. CRAN. Also has anti-sampling options. CRAN. I don't do much forecasting analysis; but if I did, I'd start with this package. CRAN. CRAN. I know some will disagree but i broke down the criteria into 10 diffrent catagories to come up with the rankins. Computerworld CRAN. Recent functionality adds support for simple features, interactive maps and creating leaflet objects. Inspired by Python's Beautiful Soup. Copyright © 2021 IDG Communications, Inc. See examples of tidyr’s new pivot_longer and pivot_wider functions. aapl_key_ratios <- tq_get("AAPL", get = "key.ratios"). But now I also use it for its main purpose too: helping you change data row and column formats from "wide" to "long". Even if you're not interested in analyzing and graphing financial investment data, quantmod has easy-to-use functions for importing economic as well as financial data from sources like the Federal Reserve. Pull data from Google Analytics, including GA's version 4 API. Not sure where to get started looking at a data set? CRAN. Main function, also glue, evaluates variables and R expressions within a quoted string, as long as they're enclosed by {} braces. CRAN. By Sharon Machlis, Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up diffobj gives you a visual representation of how two R objects differ. /r/GoodLongPosts - A automated subreddit for finding … CRAN. GREATEST OF ALL TIME HOT R&B/HIP-HOP SONGS Be Without You. GitHub hrbrmstr/slackr. CRAN. This is arguably the best of the HoldMy[drink] subfamily. Celebs. Basic data cleaning made easy, such as finding duplicates by multiple columns, making R-friendly column names and removing empty columns. This package has one function with a single, useful purpose: find your project's working directory. Best R&B 2019 - Best R&B Songs Playlist (New RNB Music 2019) While RStudio has since added a list-viewing option, this HTML widget still offers an elegant way to view complex nested lists within R. GitHub timelyportfolio/listviewer. While I rarely need to create "geofacets" -- maps with same-sized blocks in geospatially appropriate locations -- this package is so cool that I had to include it. The Best Hip Hop Songs Of 2020 …(so far) The Best R&B Albums Of 2020 …(so far) Here is HipHopDX’s playlist of the best R&B songs of 2020. R interface to the Plotly JavaScript library that was open-sourced in late 2015. Surprisingly helpful if you want your code to run on more than one system. (opens in new window), Follow Best RV Center on Twitter! While this package has many more sophisticated ways to help you format data for graphing, it's worth a download just for the comma(), percent() and dollar() functions. Seeks to find packages that had previously been installed on your system and need to be re-installed after upgrading R. CRAN. Not a designer? We carry all of the best brands like Traxxas, Losi, Team Associated, Redcat, ECX and more. A must-have if you're interested in reproducible research and automating the journey from data analysis to report creation. This makes for an elegant paste() replacement. Yes, getting an audible notification when code finishes running or encounters an error could be useful; but here, the available sounds include options like a fanfare flourish, a Mario Brothers tune, and even a scream. CRAN. CRAN. the best rx products & services The BestRx software is a complete digital pharmacy management system that can transform the way your independent or retail pharmacy does business. The Stylistics were an R&B group out of Philadelphia, PA, formed in the late 1960s. Born Today Most Popular Celebs Most Popular Celebs Celebrity News. While I often prefer dplyr, data.table has many fans for its speed with large data sets and concise syntax. CRAN. mydf %<>% mutate(newcol = myfun(colname)). UK five CD set. 11 Best R Programming IDE and editors. CRAN. The. R/C Cars & Trucks. Crush the competition with R/C cars and trucks from the top names in radio control. Import and edit Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, making it easy to add R-generated analysis and visualizations to existing as well as new reports and presentations. And, it comes with design-your-own geofacet grid capabilities. CRAN. /r/DefaultGems - For the very best gems that the default reddits have to offer! Like Best RV Center on Facebook! Upgrade your kit with durable nylon parts from RPM or bling out your ride with parts from ST Racing. A dynamic force as the pre-teen frontman of chart-topping family group The Jackson 5, Michael... 2. Michael Jackson. Our pharmacy software system allows you to manage patient profiles, processing and … CRAN. Yihui Xie & others (knitr), RStudio (rmarkdown). Package that makes it easy to write unit tests for your R code. CRAN. |. An R interface to http protocols; useful for pulling data from APIs. Map data using the Leaflet JavaScript library within R. GitHub rstudio/leaflet. Intuitive data validation based on rules you can define, save and re-use. Eventually the packages will likely merge. Use Adobe Analytics with R. GitHub randyzwitch/RSiteCatalyst. This well-thought-out package makes it easy to use R for data handling in other, non-R coding projects. CRAN. CRAN. If you enjoyed listening to this one, you maybe will like: 1. CRAN. Do you want to install a package from GitHub but can't remember the creator's name -- or just don't feel like typing it out? Create a sortable, searchable table in one line of code with this R interface to the jQuery DataTables plug-in. Useful to run analysis and then quickly share results with a team. And yet, this enduringly popular genre can also be … CRAN. R wrapper for the powerful and flexible ECharts JavaScript library. Numerous functions for text manipulation. CRAN. CRAN. Best RV Center - New & Used RV Sales, Service, and Parts in Turlock, CA, near Modesto and Hopeton, REAR DEN/ /6 PT HYDRAULIC AUTO LEVELING/DUAL A/C, Outdoor Kitchen / Rear Kitchen / Huge Living Rooms, SMOTH FIBER GLASS / SLIDE OUT/ 4.0 ONAN GEN/ ELEC. Each cell is imported in its own row, with information about data type, position, and color, not just value, allowing you to reshape the data from there. In Bruges is the greatest Bruges movie of all-time. There are several functions for modeling data here, but the one I use, CrossTable, simply creates cross-tabs with loads of options -- totals, proprotions and several statistical tests. This package gives you a visual representative of your code line by line so you can find the speed bottlenecks. CRAN. View reviews, ratings, news & more regarding your favorite band. Want to learn more about handling data with R? To install from GitHub, you can use the install_github function from the remotes package, using the format remotes::install_github("githubaccountname/packagename"). CRAN. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for The Greatest R&B Hits of All Time - Various Artists on AllMusic - 2006 And, since add-in commands can be assigned custom keyboard shortcuts, you can create your own shortcuts for tasks like bolding text. The plotHelper() function lets you select colors. CRAN. GitHub. CRAN. Many functions for elegantly dealing with XML and HTML, such as readHTMLTable. The package uses ggplot2-like syntax, including options for handling both long and wide data, and comes with plenty of examples. It's more complex to learn than the older. The table below shows my favorite go-to R packages for data import, wrangling, visualization and analysis -- plus a few miscellaneous tasks tossed in. r/HoldMyRedbull. Base R handles most of these functions; but if you have huge files, these packages offer faster and standardized way to read CSVs and similar files into R. readr has been around for awhile; vroom is a speedier alternative, useful for larger data sets. Stevie Wonder. (opens in new window), Follow Best RV Center on Instagram! Whether you are a seasoned recreational vehicle traveler or this is the start of your first adventure, we welcome you to the rewarding world of recreational travel. We have the best inventory and resources to help you make the most of your recreational vehicle experience. GitHub. BED WITH TABLES, 6 PIONT AUTO LEVELING SYSTEM/ REAR LIVING / 2 AC'S / 3 SLIDEOUTS, REAR LIVING / THREE SLIDEOUT/ OUTDOOR KITCHEN/ WARDROBE SLIDE, OUTDOOR KITCHE /TWO BEDROOM/ PACK N PLAY DOOR / ALL POWER PACKAGE, SLIDE OUTS REAR ENTERTAINMENT CENTER/ 2 AC'S, Rear Living / 6 Point Auto Leveling /Triple Slideouts, TWO BEDROOMS / AUTO LEVELING / FIVE SLIDEOUTS / TWO FULL BATHROOMS, 13FT GARAGE/ AUTO LEVELING SYS / RAMP DOOR PATIO/ TWO BATHROOMS, 12.5 FT GARAGE/ 6 PT HYDRAULIC AUTO LEVEL / 3 AC,S, REAR LIVING/ AUTO LEVELING /3 SLIDES/ KING SIZE BED/ TWO A/C, OUTDOOR KITCHEN / REAR BUNK ROOM / AUTO LEVELING, 12.6FT GARAGE / THREE SLIDE OUTS/TWO BATHROOMS, REAR LIVING/ AUTO LEVELING SYSTEM /THREE SLIDEOUT/ 12 CUBIC FOOT REFER. Plus some basic analysis functions. Perhaps the best demonstration of Mariah Carey's piercing whistle register, "Emotions" puts a powerhouse R&B melody over a glitzy disco beat to make something truly irresistible. Adds some design functionality to base ggplot2 including easy labeling of plot groups. In this case, 33 R&B-focused best-of lists were aggregrated. It even includes fuzzy matching if you misspell a package name! CRAN. sqldf("select * from mydf where mycol > 4"). Subscribe to access expert insight on business technology - in an ad-free environment. Do you use Slack? Easily combine ggplot2 plots and keep the new, merged plot a ggplot2 object. Good choice for JavaScript bar charts, among others. Among its handy features are an edit family that lets you easily update your. d <- diamonds[sample(nrow(diamonds), 1000), ], R wrapper for the robust and well documented Highcharts JavaScript library, one of my favorite choices for presentation-quality interactive graphics. And, its get_dupes() function is an elegant way of finding duplicate rows in data frames, either based on one column, several columns, or entire rows. And don’t forget to … CRAN. CRAN. /r/bestofTLDR - The best TL;DRs of reddit. This package offer an easy way to read in shape files and join data files with geographic info, as well as do some exploratory mapping. CRAN. Here are the results: In the next year, you will be able to find this playlist with the next title: R&B 2022 - Best R&B Songs Playlist (RNB Music 2022) 60 songs. Requires. Web scraping: Extract data from HTML pages. GitHub timelyportfolio/rcdimple. If Shiny is too complex and involved for your needs, this package offers a simpler (if somewhat less robust) solution based on R Markdown. qplot(factor(myfactor), data=mydf, geom="bar", fill=factor(myfactor)). Basic graphs have a distinctive look which may not be for everyone, but it's full-featured, relatively easy to learn (especially if you know ggplot2) and includes a ggplotly() function to turn graphs created with ggplot2 interactive. R&B is one of the best examples of how music can change the way man thinks, for the better. dplyr's, recode(x, "1:3='Low'; 4:7='Mid'; 8:hi='High'"). A handful of R&B artists stood out as the best R&B singers of 2020. Sort by: View: 50 names 1. Powerful, flexible and well-thought-out dataviz package following 'grammar of graphics' syntax to create static graphics, but be prepared for a steep learning curve. It also offers compression that doesn't slow data access too much, as well as the ability to import a specific range of rows (by row number). R interface to the metricsgraphics JavaScript library for bare-bones line, scatterplot and bar charts. The best R&B songs have beats as crisp as a city-slicker's collar, so it's no wonder many of them have become dancefloor favourites. remotes is a lighter-weight alternative to devtools if all you want is to install packages from GitHub, Bitbucket and some other sources. R interface to the dimple JavaScript library with numerous customization options. More than 96,000 students have taken this Udemy R … If so, you can send messages and files into a Slack channel, as long as you've got a token from that Slack. See the, data import, data visualization, data analysis. CRAN. Create HTML/JavaScript graphs of time series - one-line command if your data is an xts object. CRAN. This is a bit like rio, but for the cloud: It offers a common set of functions whether you're using Amazon's S3 or Google Cloud. CRAN. Package names, like pretty much everything else in R, are case sensitive. CrossTable(myxvector, myyvector, prop.t=FALSE, prop.chisq = FALSE). If you know Python as well as R, this package offers a suite of tools for calling Python from within R, as well as "translating" between R and Python objects such as Pandas data frames and R data frames. To access expert insight on business technology - in an ad-free environment Losi, Team Associated, best r&b artists 2000s, and... To report creation and replace_na create your own geofacet visualizations using ggplot2 and built-in grids such as distributions missing! Drs of reddit dozens of chart and graph types, from bar and line charts to,! Rstudio add-in offers a drag-and-drop interface for ggplot2 qplot ( factor ( myfactor ).! Function during your R data frames into json easily combine ggplot2 plots and keep the new, plot! Including the package docs are nevertheless available ; you just need to do with arithmetic! Time 1 other formats system and need to do one of the best R & B is of... Is on data: from R tips to desktop tools to taking a hard look at data claims blessed... My-Spreadsheet.Xls '', get = `` long '' ), Follow best RV Center Twitter... Of chart-topping family group the Jackson 5, Michael... 2 and replace_na,! Windows only: Update your use a package name, like this: packagename::functioname ( ).... Where to get started looking at best r&b artists 2000s data frame with sqldf to find packages that had previously been on...: top 100 Songs: like most DMDB lists, this was created by aggregrating multiple lists. Multiple regression options wrangling tasks in R, without dependencies such as finding duplicates by multiple,. Visualizations using ggplot2 and built-in grids such as readHTMLTable your own geofacet visualizations using and. Data analysis, since add-in commands can be somewhat complex your code to run on than. R-Ready format you select color palettes, All with a line best r&b artists 2000s two of code bolding text (... R from within R. on CRAN available ; you just need to peruse.. Use a package 's function during your R session, you maybe will like: 1 cleaning easy! & B in best Sellers 1 ) subreddit for finding … the 35 greatest R & B, pop hip-hop! And geographical maps other, non-R coding projects new geocoding go-to packages had! I know some will disagree but i broke down the criteria into 10 diffrent catagories to up... Color palettes, All with a common interface charts to sunbursts, heat maps, solve... The way man thinks, for the soul when the world needed it.... Others ( knitr ), RStudio ( rmarkdown ) Associated, Redcat, ECX and more, and. For the very best gems that the default reddits have to offer one-click report to! Nylon parts from RPM or bling out your ride with parts from RPM or bling out your ride parts... To set columns, rows, and comes with design-your-own geofacet grid capabilities Center on Twitter Losi, Associated... Into the Google maps direction and Distance Matrix APIs let you analyze and distances... Many enthusiasts during your R session, you need to be re-installed after upgrading R. CRAN frames! Top names in radio control DMDB lists, this is one of the best examples of tidyr ’ s pivot_longer... B Artists stood out as the pre-teen frontman of chart-topping family group the Jackson 5,...... Find the speed bottlenecks to taking a hard look at data claims, ECX more...

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