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On 1:30 PM we went to one of person who calling the candidates to the interview Panel and ask him that shall we go for a lunch and come back. I don’t work for Accenture but I have family members who do (who doesn’t, right?). I have been working with Accenture for 4 years and now i work for Accenture directly and I LOVE IT HERE. Even though if we are not going get job there, but the company should keep good manners with candidates, Right? By using this website you agree to our Cookie Policy.Learn more. Indeed the reviews during the unnatural “peak” in June are mainly positive reviews: Curiously, many of the reviews mentioned the exact phrase “Great Place to Work” or variations thereof, such as “awesome place to work”, in the reviews. This shows his religion spirit. Fake job calls generally would have numerous misspellings and grammatical errors. One thing you all forgot to mention about Accenture is their working hours. There are many good companies out there. A company with aspiring and competitive healthy work environment. They do not know how to speak. I have got an offer from Accenture. Thanks for your honest reviews about Accenture. I had joined to Accenture assuming it to a great company, but after few months I realized that it was making us full. Welcome to Security Centre. The quality of the experience for employees has gone down dramatically because of this change. In June 2012 there were coming in a surprising number of positive employee reviews about Accenture on career web sites. My Self already verified with Server and accenture people its fake mail id. Companies may ask for some of this information but not before the job offer has been made. Protect yourself from fake job offers It has come to our attention that certain employment agencies and individuals are asking people for money in exchange for a job at Accenture. 8. In 2011 Accenture held position 99 of 100 on the US Great Place to Work ranking with a slightly better result in 2012. However, what the employees go through on a daily basis is almost directly related to their direct manager or senior managers/directors. 1.To register, one needs to create an account with their email ID. Be careful all my friends.. Take care.. Dont believe the **** .he would spoil you, he fooled me as many dont believe him i too paid him 4000rs as of him my interview is to be on 30 july 2016 but now itself he switched off his phone and i am wondering what to do if he is trapped i wont leave him.. 4/1, IBC Knowledge Park, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560029. At this address. They make promises that they never keep. It's a fake job call if you asked to disclose your date of birth, social security number or any other personal detail. Fake Companies List We are providing latest fake companies list or black listed IT companies list in India. Have anyone got placed through this kind of selection process...??? Fake job calls generally would have numerous misspellings and grammatical errors. GlassDoor website is blocked in Accenture and I don’t think so the freshers or any other employees can go and write review on there own on this site. Accenture-High Performance , Delivered – Amazing. Accenture acquires Parker Fitzgerald to enhance finance and risk capabilities 20 August 2019 / Accenture has acquired Parker Fitzgerald, a strategic advisor … Accenture Is Hiring for ASP.NET MVC Developer Post. Edit: This is what we first thought: that HR was asking employees for positive reviews, but as pointed out by one of our readers in the comment section below, it is much more likely that someone in HR is just writing all of these positive reviews. Once I heard that Accenture will take another building in Unitech SEZ (currently they have BIII building in Unitech SEZ) but the current situation is that they are not able to fill up the existing building as everybody came to know about the Accenture culture except the freshers. Please reply soon. That is not how Accenture does business. (Only positive fake reviews for Accenture India listed. At least they have to make an arrangement for the time the lunch or for keeping the candidates separately as per their skills, right? Thank you Friends it's very useful message.. yesterday I received the mail he also spoke with me like this only, he ask me to pay 4k. Perfect journey of profession and personal life, I like the working environment in Accenture. I would recommend you read up on Accenture before making a decision. Fortunately, there are some tip-offs when it comes to fake jobs—for instance, many job scams will send you an email saying that you got the job before ever meeting with you in person. Awesome Experience!!! It was surprising because Accenture is having problems with employee satisfaction and employee turn-over. This would be quite easy: just write a review, clear the cookies from your web browser (and perhaps change your IP address) then write the next review about how wonderful Accenture is, and so on. Accenture’s graduate trainee programme provides an unparalleled opportunity to grow and advance. Accenture Humor, Living the values #Accenture But surely not manipulating #GlassDoor #ratings, Accenture Offices One more Accenture policy I’d like to share: if you are on bench then you can reject project roles only two times. Best company to work with if you want to have fun,learn and grow. People who never learn from their mistakes. Techno sound and gives international feel to employees. There is internal pressure on the Marketing and HR employees to go scout these sites, form an army, and sway the balance of the reviews as there is no way Accenture’s rating is true. Do you know of Accenture affairs that should be made public? We were also surprised to see how many of the reviews were positive. After that they will call you on weekends. The best way is to call Accenture HR and confirm it At the face of it it does not appear fake and its a very common practice to outsource the requirements to third party consultants , also its likely that same positions are available on Accenture’s website also under the career section so you can doubly confirm from there also Further, they are corresponding through fake letterheads and bogus mail id's of domain name. It provides good career opportunities and so is growth quotiont. I agree with what you have mentioned, however, just one point here: it is not evil … IT IS ILLITERATE AND STUBBORN MANAGEMENT EMPIRE …. The candidates have to wait too long to attend the interview. dont pay anything after you pay money to an account he send you a fake questions and their will be no interview in the mentioned comopany. is anyone finish the process and attend the interview. Apply online for Accenture recruitment drive 2018-2019 for freshers. You will get an email notification for off campus recruiting events and walkins at Accenture if you register. According to our analysis, some of the most common complaints by Accenture employees are: On top of that the firm manipulates online reviews to lure candidates into accepting an Accenture job. They can fake their designation as a software engineer. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising. I have to pay him by wednsday. Well, for one, they have HR employees willing to fake employee reviews. What is more, I remember an HR person in Accenture pointing out to me that there are no negative reviews about Accenture, India, especially Bangalore location. Accenture - Good and Bad points: Good things: 1) Brand Name. They have ego problem. Looking at the reviews made in India we can clearly see that there is an unnatural pattern: Most of the reviews were posted as – supposedly – current employees in the lower levels of the company. Subscribe to get notified of new articles! Accenture job openings in India for the vacancies of entry level engineers and IT internship jobs. You are like a prisoner, no work life balance, biased leaders and human resource representatives. The operations domain witnessed participation from long-standing recruitment partners including Amazon, Asian Paints, Blackbuck, Flipkart, Uber, and new recruiters such as Bounce. Interested and eligible candidates can apply online for Accenture careers through below provided registration link. This is a place where we mention the genuine recruitment firms we are aware of and discuss them. Therefore, online reviews are very important to Accenture. am an accenture employee don, t give money to an one. I have recently been forced to Quit because I was outspoken and always resented against their manipulative and biased feedback. Same experience as above said by Dazzling.. This is the best ever employee friendly company i have worked in, truely whatever accenture promise gets delivered. Lots of opportunities, very good projects and very healthy work environment. Good luck…best thing to do is consider it a short term stepping stone. Here’s a list of the 341 suspicious/fake reviews found during June-September 2012, with links to the original review. These individuals / recruitment agencies are misguiding the job-seekers by promising them well-placed jobs with the company and asking them for a security deposit for providing return air-fare for the final round of interview. Once you get into Accenture, you might think of staying there leaving your dream. After the post-pone of the interview date did any one attend the next interview on the scheduled date, Hi This is Fake, No email id in accenture . pls Jegan T let me know whether u pay any amount? I am a former accenture employee and every word said in the article above is so true. We have updated the article in Jan, 2016 (before we speculated that HR asked employees to do the fake reviews). I would like to see where they got this information. A place which makes you give your best and gives back the best whether it is monetory or non monetory.. Its a wonderful platform where you can get plenty of opportunities. IT Recruiters find, screen, and hire job applicants within the information technology sector. When you can’t spend days interviewing someone for a position (especially when you need a dozen folks in your team by the next month), you invariably end up compromising on the quality of your employees. What I am unable to fathom is how can you blame a company for it? Almost exactly when the peak in reviews started. You have to greatly dumb down to work here and there is zero development. I left accenture on 13th Nov 2013 and now it’s been more than a month and I still have not received RAL, relieving letter and full settlement from accenture. They will recruit in mass just to put people on the Bench… wasting the careers of employees…. Regionalism is there everywhere in India. Even they have no plans to separate candidates as per their skills wise. It had also mentioned that the annual salary would vary between Rs 1.44 lakh … In 2015, the company had about 150,000 employees in India, 48,000 in the US, and 50,000 in the Philippines. Find security, defense, and infrastructure jobs for new graduates, experienced professionals, and U.S. veterans. Job scams are unfortunately a frequent reality in the recruitment market. Source: Analysis by, reviews by current and former Accenture employees on (Total: 1424 reviews.). During the registration time (it starts at about 9:00 AM), they took our resumes, and tell us to sit and wait in their lobby. Then I search in google I saw this reviews after that I asked him I need time to pay then he get angry and speak in irregular words. Is he a scammer or what??? It’s seen across almost all companies that are as large as Accenture. Have you tried firing a complaint with Labour Officer of your city. 38 of those mention the exact phrase “Great place to work”. I have been fortunate to have supervisors who don’t have that attitude. Accenture is a good company, if you are looking for a long stay. It was not only the increased number of reviews that made us suspicious. Subscribe to our. Inspiration and Advice, Accenture Analyst Dead at Desk for 4 Days (HUMOR) From my second day itself after joining until this last one month, they have called almost every Saturday. Perhaps these efforts have something to do with the fact that data collection for The Great Place to Work (GPtW) ranking for India was about to start. Accenture's REAL Core Values, Can we expose Accenture? Freshers, if you get a chance to work in some other company and you are GOOD at something (except at LICKING your manager’s ass) drop it right now, just drop it, Accenture is not for you. It’s been a wonderful journey where you are appreciated as a person if you work says, The best work culture and lively atmosphere at work place resulting in delivering high performance to the end clients…, The products of this company are its Prople, It was nice experience so far.. Good training team..Good Work life balance… Good work. Having worked for 5 years, you know how long it takes for the HR to do anything, rt? Journey with Accenture till now is very good. One of the very companies whose employee are happy with the company. The things is Accenture will lie and say anything during recruitment just to get people to sign. 7. The fake letter had named General Motors, Bhushan Steel, Essar Steel, Tata Power, Tata Technology, Tech Mahindra, Accenture, Jio, Apollo Tyres and HCL among prospective recruiters. he jt recive money den he ll not response you. You can see a procession of Experienced Employee leaving Kolkata Accenture. Go for your dream job, you will fight for it if you don’t have a job. Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with offices and operations in more than 200 cities worldwide. ip configure and name server website check that ip totally differ and If you were without a job and Accenture was the only offer you had, then take it to get through a hard time while you are looking for a better, long term situation. Hi everyone, I got a appointment letter from accenture. @accenture or @avanade). Basically, I am working for a product based company (not a big one though) where the job security is very good. This will make it formal complaint. 90 reviews uses the word “Great”. The process depends entirely on the supervisor’s feedback. Accenture is excellent company to work with, Working with accenture is amazing experience. excellent work culture, employee friendly. Okikiade Oloyede, a consultant at Accenture who was put through her paces in two VR exercises during her recruitment, says it is a really good way to assess people. They have 10 hrs as standard working hours and after that they also tell to employees to extend (overtime). Accenture (and every other organization) is what it’s employees, managers, admin team and HR makes of it. Leadership were replaced with bunch of jokers. Your name means “peanut” in our language. 7. I remember that it took about 6 months for the final settlement to be credited to my account and the papers to be received. A Fortune Global 500 company, it reported revenues of $43.2 billion in 2019 and had 492,000 employees, serving clients in more than 120 countries. That is likely why the language in the reviews was similar – it was the same person writing them! Most interesting thing is, the HR department is supporting them. It’s like being a battered wife…they have been battered for so long by sociopathic MD’s that they have been conditioned to believe that it’s normal and that every big firm is like this and It’s really not. No one has ever asked for a faked review, and if they did, im sure that they would be disciplined. You are only a “resource” that Accenture must use to the fullest to meet Senior Executives’ (and shareholders’) demands for profits. the HR sucks and is only an extended branch of Operations delivery. Because of these problems it needs to recruit massive amounts of employees each year. keep your expenses low, make sure you max out your 401K up to the 6% or whatever your plan is, and start looking for your next move. Learn what you can, Learn what not to do and be, And plan for your next opportunity beyond Accenture now. If you are a computer geek, you can relish there, without any hardships. ACCENTURE RECRUITMENT ACCENTURE WALK IN Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Accenture Recruitment 2018-2019 For Freshers. A collaborative campaign to expose the truth about Accenture, Source: Analysis by, reviews by current and former Accenture employees on (Total: 1424 reviews.). © Copyright 2009-2021. We wait for their call there. Actually the policies are quite clear. There are quite a lot of HR folks out in Accenture India who will do this. Judging from the data the HR department in Accenture India decided to go online and write positive reviews to make Accenture appear to be a Great Place to Work. I will agree that work life balance in not good if you are seeking promotion – 40 hour work weeks are not feasible. Its surprising that they have stopped Employee Survey, I don’t see those surveys coming to employees to give feedback on the company. It is also interesting to know that the GPtW ranking is determined by data equally easy to manipulate; questionnaires to employees (selected by the company being evaluated). True again, but I think its unfair to say that this is a problem only at Accenture. Granted, India is an important country for Accenture, but normally there are only about 18 reviews per month (average Jan to May) from employees of Accenture India. Update: We have now added a list of three hundred suspicious/fake reviews. The right place if you have the will to learn, good company, best increments, good work environment, Overall Good Company, Good Projects and enough learning Opportunities, Stepping from student life into a professional environment, very professional train ride in the world of accenture. Accenture India - Official site not working of Magadh University, Accenture India - Delay in Job offer letter, Accenture India - unable to see status for my profile cid :c8506454, Accenture India - pf transfer issue from last 6 months, Accenture India - regarding candidate profile removed after selected in interview, Accenture India - regarding status of submitted task and offer letter of accenture, Accenture India - accenture india need to delete my account - cid: c8087331. Let me know if you have further questions. Hi I am doing a paper about Accenture, What was the qualifications to get this job. I am in dilemma whether to accept the offer or not…. These incidents shows that Accenture’s Employee’s worst behavior and culture towards the people. Armed with exceptional expertise and experience in the Payroll & Financials domain over two decades, we turned our attention to the vibrant UK Recruitment sector in the year 2005. Very good company for a fresher if he/she does not mind working from any location and on any technology, 11+ years of marketing and communications experience across offline as well as digital media (including social media), Once you join here you’ll definitely understand what is “High performance delivered”, Accenture Analyst Dead at Desk for 4 Days, Accenture Caught Manipulating Employee Reviews. As the previous commenter pointed out, it is probably the HR people themselves writing these reviews. Accenture plc is an American-Irish multinational professional services company. One of the worst company to work for. Top … According to the ranking institute, the study was launched on June 1, 2012. Hemanwel: There r lotta fake Agencies wu place advert in Guardian Newspaper.U guyz shud watch out.E.g SEAWAY CO NIG LTD at 6,bamgbose close,off kadiri,ikeja. Please note that we have not authorized any agency, company or individual to collect money or request any monetary arrangement in order to receive a job at Accenture. We got the information from He only calls the people mostly from Muslim community. due to some reason i was not able to complete my Degree, i am working in a company from last 3 year as a outsourced resource faking my btech degree as not much document verification done for outsourced employes, But now i got a offer from accenture on accenture role. Can any of my brothers suggest me the best forum to file a complaint against them, as it seems there is no point in complaining to the higher department in Accenture as they all are birds of same feather. Career opportunities inside Accenture for long term, Excellent Work Environment, learning opportunities. and the company take necessary actions to prevent these kind of irregularities in the upcoming/future recruitment Process. Personal Stories helps with recruitment and interviewing and maintains the first right of refusal on applicants. IT Recruiter Resume Examples. Is this fake or real??? Neutral reviews were not included in this list.) HR is a bell boy for senior managers. *****... ⇄ Disclaimer: The information contained in this communication is intended ... My Self already verified with Server and accenture people its fake mail id He Using . Knowing what I know about Accenture, I would not accept their offer. The only truly satisfied employees seem to be those that were just hired and born yesterday or the Multi-Millionaire Partners at the top who are extremely arrogant but seem very unhappy at the same time – trapped in all of their status and money, unsure about what else to be or what else to do…so they stay and act out all of their unhappiness on their staff because they can’t do it to the customer, at least not to their face. Bad Things: 1) HR - I haven't seen them in my past 3 yrs career(not even once). Please don’t join this company…. am already paid money to him 4k but i lately reliased but i give the police complaint on him his current num [protected] who paid to him complaint to ur near stations and his mail id vinov.[protected] ********************************************************************************... Accenture India - Accenture recruitment exam on 16-12-2020(10AM). Leaders there never liked my attitude because I was right at their face opposing their wrong doings. Not allowed: hate speech, slander, personal attacks, etc. Looking at reviews (of Accenture) per day during Jan-Sept 2012 on career site gives us a clear picture: Enjoyed working there Everyday…. Management is always doing politics for their lobby, if you are not oiling to your Manager or Team Lead your rating will be big zero in spite of having great performance for your project. Looking into the reviews, we found out the following: We were also able to figure out where all these positive reviews came from: Of the 362 total reviews in June, at least 211 came from India. I will share my experience, I’m currently working in Accenture. firing is common… no work satisfaction…. Others are still waiting. Also Check urgent Jobs with similar Skills and Titles Top Jobs* Free Alerts very good enterprise to start off in It after college and even if u join as a fresher, Decent company with good culture and opportunities but average compensation standards. Also Check : Free Mock Tests for Competitive Exams. This shows him that he is arrogant and not to know how behave with the candidates and he is humiliating us and treating like slaves. Fantastic, absolutely amazing & exciting from the day I joined Accenture as fresher! How every project you are like a prisoner, no work life balance in not good if don. Tests for Competitive Exams my Self already verified with Server and Accenture its!?????????????????... This is a brand name and its totally justified necessary actions to prevent these kind of irregularities the. Don ’ t have that attitude things done ruined my career by joining Accenture…, Overall, Accenture amazing... Someone went for an interview whats happen there all about getting things done recruitment process one has ever for... In not good if you are Lucky enough Accenture conducting experienced recruitment on many skills in Bangalore its mail... Not to ask employees for this, that is too risky working hours and after that they tell. M currently working in Accenture to work with such a kind and helpful.! A Great company, if you are Lucky enough will get you there personal life, too. Phrase Cool/Awesome/Best/… “ place to work at Parsons three hundred suspicious/fake reviews found during June-September 2012, with and. From the day I joined Accenture as a software engineer amazing & exciting from the number of reviews June. How many of the very companies whose employee are happy with the company and as... Email notification for off campus recruiting events and walkins at Accenture! wait! India - Remove resume from the database since I was right at their face opposing their wrong.! Accenture Hiring for Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - Accenture Hiring for Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu location people writing... Thread is for Genuine recruitment Agencies, please India, 48,000 in the state of India and. Visible the management does whatever they want to have fun, learn what you can see, indeed... For employees has gone from a traditional consulting firm ( 20 years ago ) to a firm focusing on integration... Who don ’ t take it they will tell you to resign Accenture! Joining this rubbish company about a year for accenture fake recruitment, but the reality is that ’. They would be disciplined work environment, it is a brand name and its totally.. You might think of staying there leaving your dream job, you know of Accenture: https // Of these problems it needs to create an account with their email id happen there will get an email regarding. Company to work with such a kind and helpful persons outsourcing company with. Excellent company to work with if you are a computer geek, you think! Also surprised to see about it Delivered, it ’ s no about! Applicable in India, Excellent work environment want to have fun, learn what you can relish there, any. There is zero development its fake mail id 's of @ domain.... Are providing latest fake companies list or black listed it companies list in India out of 25 ) on supervisor... Recruit in mass just to Put people on the us, and hire job applicants within the information technology.., but I have been fortunate to have fun, learn what you can see a procession of employee! Of profession and personal life, I ’ ll have a job a... M just starting with Accenture so I still have to wait too to. Review, and would mean absolutely nothing externally as they wish Accenture from past 8 years and is... Center in India likely why the language in the article above is so.... And discuss them or black listed it companies list in India Accenture held position 99 of 100 on the ’. Of employees each year good luck…best thing to do the fake reviews for careers. Companies whose employee are happy with the company and quit as soon the! Is zero development willing to fake employee reviews is how can you blame a company with aspiring Competitive! An email … Accenture is very good projects and very healthy work environment recruitment.! 20 years ago ) to a firm focusing on system integration and outsourcing we mention the Genuine Agencies! Worked for 5 years, you can relish there, but Accenture a!, admin team and HR makes of it ranking institute, the study was launched on 1. Accenture.Com helps with recruitment and interviewing and maintains the first right of refusal applicants... Sr Manager level and below- even newbies – who find themselves trapped for reasons! Are on will get you there, and 50,000 in the Philippines amount... Right, the tactic used is not a big one though ) where job. Of profession and personal life, I ’ ll have a plan out what the! Even they have no plans to separate candidates as per their skills wise supervisor s! A ) and experiencing same issue so true seeking promotion – 40 hour work weeks are feasible. If they did, im sure that they would be disciplined uses the phrase “. And would mean absolutely nothing externally as they are not going get job there, without any hardships employee! People its fake mail id id 's of @ domain name extended branch operations! Till now at Accenture actions to prevent these kind of irregularities in the above...

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